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The bracelet the pink and white bracelet the little girl had on a pink and  White bracelet she wore to school  So she wore it when she went to play at the playground it was a beautiful bracelet with butterflies diamonds pink in white all  So she went home &c S her Mamma can't you go outside today with the   Bracelet and a mother says she may go outside with the bracelet on to play long she stayed close by home and  She  OK mommy I will stay close by home and after that   Her mother many is Maria the daughter name is Sally they live in a house a beautiful house in the countryside she always kept her house up she always kept her daughter up looking pretties as they can be so after that Sally grew up and  To be a nice young  Lady Mother got older what she got   married  Later on to a man she met  Later on His name was Ted Smith  He is a nice guy to Maria  A been married   10 years  And  had  Some kids together they had a boy and  girl name  Ted jr and lisa they  was 2 months old  so they raised  them then Sally came  over see her brother and sister  she spend time with them  be for  she go to  California


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