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You live to die,
You die to live no more,
Once you are in this world, 
You can't escape life and death.
Why do we live and die!
You can't undo what's done,
Life and death respect no one,
The order they received,
Must be carried out,
Live right always,
When death comes,
You have no regrets.
The link between life and death,
Can't be broken,
They works tirelessly,
They make us laugh and cry, 
Happy and sad,
Life and death are common to all,
No matter how long you live,
Death will knock oneday,
Without a life death can't act,
How you live often, 
Determines how you die,
Live well and die well,
Cause to live is to die. 
~Ade-nafisat Presh


  • Mar 09, 2020

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