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La, la, la, la... Today.
Angels say about people that they
Become demons when they don't get
What they deserve it.

That's what they say about me,
But I let them to talk.  
La, la, la, la... every night.

I leave the bad sides inside,
But when the pain is over power,
It hurts like hell to live in heaven.

Yes, love creates addiction. 
We've been reading about this
  By hundreds of years. 

Yes, alcohol is a drug,
And yet we still drink it daily to get it drunk.
La, la, la, la... Everyday.

I hear too many voices at once
To understand what everyone is saying.
I go ahead, it's everyone's choice
If wants to follow me. 

Yes, I was alone when I was hit
With the same hand
With I was cured.

La la la la... So high.

In my head someone sings a symphony,
Through their mind I can get
To where I have never been.

La la la la. I'm fine. 
It's okay, you can think I lost my mind. 
We can't think in the same way
To understand my reasons.

People can be bad,
They can be good. 
It depends on what side
You get out of them.


  • Mar 09, 2020

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