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I've been looking for you in many places, 
But I haven't found you yet. 
 Loneliness is the worse company, 
Where did you hide yourself?  

And I admit, I need love
 As a plant needs water to grow. 
 I need to fill my soul
 Only with your love to bloom. 

 I promised myself that I would find you, 
I already lost many years without your company. 
 I need you as the birds need wings to fly. 
 I need you as the sheet needs a pen to cry.

 I ran in the wrong directions,
 I swam through the swirling waters, 
 I need you as a painter needs colors, 
As the blue sky needs his brilliant color. 

 Please follow me, 
I can take you in the right direction, 
Please let me lead you,
 I can be a good guide to your happiness.  

Please talk to me, honey, don't be shy.
  I need to be loved by you.  
Grab me in your arms and don't let me go, 
Don't chase my dreams away.


  • Mar 09, 2020

  • Mar 09, 2020

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