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These are some of the many reasons why karl Marx perfect world would be a nightmare for those living there. 

Karl Marx only wanted one class, the working class. This means that there will be little progress, sure it is possible to create everything we need, but it wouldn't get better quickly. This is because it's there job to create based on blueprints, not to redesign to make it more efficient.

In karl Marx world there would be no, or little risk involved. This sounds good in theory; however this means that if someone creates something we don't want there no punishment for the resources wasted, and there no reason to stop unless he becomes uninterested. 

Little reward 
If somebody creates something revolutionary that saves millions of workers, and make it so that all our work is finished an hour earlier then before he created it. That person gets no reward, he may become famous, but he won't be any richer then before. This means that there only 2 reason to create, fame, or want. This means people will invent stuff that is cool, but doesn't help with increasing productivity, or people will create stuff that they want, but not what necessary. In capitalism there a 3rd reason, profits, this means they'll create what necessary for the job, so companies will buy it. 

In Socialism there is the abolishment of inheritance, this means alot because it means the abolishment of wages, decadence, estate, and payment. This quickly became there to be little insensitive for people to work harder, because there kids won't get anything, and every way you try the government gonna earn your money. 

You wouldn't choose your job, you would be given one. If people could choose there jobs, but every job wouldn't give a higher wage, do you think anyone would take a dirty job, or any job that requires hard work. If we are gonna have everything we need, then people will be forced into those jobs.


  • Mar 08, 2020

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