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Bullets fall, 
Nowhere to hide.  
The war begin
Nobody help us.

We turn our heads in search of the Savior.  
The death is dancing with the children 
Turning them into peasants.  

Who will save our lives now? 
 After we are dead, 
Who will bring us back to life?  

Death scares us, 
Fear flows into our veins. 
 Isn't there the Savior?  

We breathe revenge instead of love, 
It is an injustice what happens.  
We try not to lose hope, 
But the question runs in everyone's mind: 

Who will save our life now? 
After we are dead, 
Who will bring us back to life?

  The brothers turn into enemies,
 The streets are stained with blood,
 Will we lose our dignity 
If we try to save the world?

Where is our house?  
Will angels send us to heaven 
Or demons to dark places?
Standing there forever.
Turn on the love and let it flow like an evil, 
Wash away the sins,
 Forgiving the sinners.


  • Mar 08, 2020

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