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Finding yourself can be challenging, but from how I see it, everything in life is. I still haven't found myself, hanging around people who don't appreciate me; for who I am. The biggest challenge is getting away from those people, trying to avoid hurting them, will just end up hurting yourself. This probably sounds a little bit cringe, but I mean, is this not the truth lol. There's so many of you people out in this crazy world thinking to themselves everyday about if they are good enough, or how other people think about them; the trick is, how do you think about yourself? The way to true happiness is excepting who you are. Don't think about how for example "everyone else is wearing this, so I have to". I think people should be entitled to wear whatever they want. Just cause everyone else is wearing "trendy" clothes doesn't me you have to. Supposedly crop tops are trendy and make you "cool", how cool is it that you think you have to show off your belly button just to be excepted in society. I have never worn a crop top in my life and ya know, I don't care if people think the clothes I wear are dorky, I like them. Never be afraid to express your inner self. I'm a 16 year old whose obsessed with disney, I don't care if it's childish it makes me happy. Ask yourself what makes you happy. Be whoever you want, wear whatever you want, listen or watch whatever you want, just know that there's always someone out their supporting you through thick and thin. I'm currently lying in bed writing this cringe thing about self exceptence because I can't sleep . This is all coming off the top of my head and to be honest I think I've written some pretty great stuff. Judge me all you want but I'm not changing for anybody, and neither should you.


  • I completely agree! I've never worn a crop top, and it honestly makes me uncomfortable to wear anything that shows off my stomach, I'm still in love with little kid shows I watched when I was 7, I'm socially awkward around people I don't know, and I can't STAND being around people who aren't in my friend group. People judge me for that, and honestly, I couldn't care less, I don't know how to talk to people, nor do I understand them. Which is funny because I'm obsessed with psychology. I act crazy around my friends, and people judge me for that as well, but it's what I like, and I enjoy myself. Some people judge me because I enjoy the thought of death..but if they knew what went on in my life they would understand. I hang out with the weebs, and they're fun! Although I don't like half the things they do, that just makes it better! Everyone in my friend group is different from me, with small similarities, and that's how I like it! I don't judge people because of how they look, or act, because I can be crazy too! Most people only like me because of my looks, but I try to stay away from those people who take advantage of me, and hang with my real friends! Nobody is perfect. If everyone had a perfect life, and acted the same, life would be boring. We don't need to be perfect to have fun!

    Mar 08, 2020

  • Mar 08, 2020

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    Mar 09, 2020

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