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You looked up thinking of death your depression got over you, you got a camara and A rope and tied it to the roof you tied. Your neck your the rope snd sighed you turned on the camara saying sorry about the mistakes ypu turn the camera off and  jump up.  You are dead!  There No turning back. You did this because of your teachet being hard on you, fake friends, And your life?!?!, Your parents walked in screaming your litrle sister cried for a whole year because of you. And your teacher, she quit her job because of your death!,  and your Crush. He broke up with the bAd girls and started a New life. Your friends. They wanted to join you and committed suicide. Your sister made a group for speaking up!,  Thats whats wrong with you you Never did speak up!, Everyday people thought about you. Your friends joined you in the clouds up above. 
Speak up. SPEAK UP!  This had  never happened if you talked about it!. Your funeral left with crying family members and your  frIends. Yoir mom looked out the window. Every day even a hour! Do better. Be yourself Goodbye. My friend­čśó


  • no dont die!!

    Mar 08, 2020

  • Cheetah  Star

    Cheetah Star

    Omg what was i thinking making this?

    Mar 08, 2020

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