About The "Only One!" Book Read Count : 14

Category : Lists

Sub Category : N/A
main Characters/there age:
Saboh Doe: 12 year's old
Esther Rosy: 9 year's old
Brang hunt: 8 year's old
Law ehbling: 12 year's old
Zack Patrick: 12 year's old
Lily Widow: 11 year's old

Main adventure goal
  1. Find the treasure
  2. Don't get left behind
  3. Make a team/name
  4. Get all the Cards.    
Characters main goal:

Saboh: find all the treasure

Esther: get all the Cards

Brand: get all the powerfully card

Law: find all the lengendry Stuff

Zack: find all the Powerfull spell's

Lily: go beyond


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