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Sakshi Sharma a scientist who is working on the Coronavirus project just yesterday mentioned that the virus can be destroyed by any of the two ways. She said that either everyone starts wearing masks and starts cleaning their respective area's or they let the virus affect them. She said that the virus can destroy many lives and can make a huge suffer on everything. She clearly mentioned that this virus was already researched and the signs had begun but were not spread. We are the young citizens of the world and I think that we are the future of the world so we should maintain cleanliness in our areas. We can also take the precautions listed below:

  • We can have things which are above 27 degrees (as it can survive in 27 degrees only)
  • We can keep our surroundings clean 
  • We can wash our hands and legs after coming from outside of our house. (as it affects metals quickly)
A News Article Yesterday 
Sakshi Moin Sharma.


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