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   As many of you know from the United States, I am Elizabeth Warren supporter. Even though Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race, and I was disheartened find the news I decided to still continue my support of her. Her ideas, can make the biggest difference in our society that we've ever seen. The push for healthcare for all, the push for equality, and the push to help families who are in need is more important than ever. I know many people like these ideas, because it reaches out to humanity within the United States. It is also important to recognize, that's some of these ideas for way overdue.
   Capitalism and Socialism are both important. Capitalism focuses on markets while Socialism focuses on the people's needs. A smart government, knows good taking care of their citizens is very important. Much like the U.S. Army PoC, Protection of Civilians, while campaigning against rivals in other countries. If you don't take good care of your people, they can't take good care of the government. By ensuring your people are being well taken care of, you increase the efficiency of those subjects. Protecting their health, making sure that someone is there to help look after their kids, ensuring that people have someone to go to for help looking for work is extremely important. These types of programs make a country that much stronger.
   Though Senator Warren, has backed down from running for president she has proven how far someone can get by bringing issues that matter to the people into the public eye. We have made ripples together, in this fight and I was proud to serve Senator Warren's ideas. Families across the United States are in need, the average income is around $45,000 a year. And that number is not increasing, it's actually decreasing as a few years ago the average salary was $48,000. We must never forget, that taking care of each other is more important. Because when we take care of each other, we become much stronger as a unit. And we are a single unit, we are Americans!


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