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     Every once in awhile, I like to cook a meal to feed myself. There's some art and creativity, as well as science that goes into making an excellent dinner. I used to make spaghetti rather plainly until I find out Italians use oregano. At the time, I didn't know how they used the spice. I naturally assumed that they added it to the sauce, but one night I was watching a video of the wall known Italian Chef. He said, not to add it in the sauce because the sauce was perfection. Instead of tampering with perfection, tamper with something flying to emboldened flavor. I added it to the noodles instead of the sauce, and was overcome by the sweetest tasting spaghetti I had ever eaten in my life. From that time on, I didn't cook spaghetti the same way. I always add oregano to the noodles, giving it more flavor with the sweet tomato spaghetti sauce.
   Sometimes, we should look at things differently and from a different perspective. Try something new, and explore how it affects the flavor of our everyday life. It was nice to this, that I tried some new spices and herbs that I read about. I've been experimenting with tastes for a while, but that simple difference made the biggest difference that I ever tasted. Try applying this to your everyday life and see how your flavor changes over time. One small difference, can mean the entire world around it changes. Each step you take, each ripple you make in the water matters. The people of the future may not know you're name, but you changed the world.


  • Mar 07, 2020

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