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The echo of the past calls me back.  
But I'm running ahead. 
 I'm already hurt,
 I don't want to risk getting caught.

 Demons playing with my mind, 
 I love solitude.
  I do not know the way yet, 
But I like the taste of my freedom. 

Strong connections, only promises, 
I do not know who I was yesterday.
Today I am someone else.  
Much closer to what I want to become. 

 Even if I stayed, there would be nothing left,
 The past only made me lose important years.
  The echo of your voice still ringing
 In my head but it is already late.

The heart has made a decision, 
After, I have disconnected my heart. 
I do not want to be manipulated anymore,
 Everything inside still works.  

I don't want to lose my meaning, 
Always to swing between yes and no. 
 I feel I'm closer to what I want to become.


  • Mar 07, 2020

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