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I’m walking with a two of my friends 

come across this beautiful sweet angel 

wondering what they’re doing, 

she introduce herself to me little by little 

slowly I feel warmth within her soul

always so kind with a caring heart. 

Why I feel comfortable around her? 

welcome me to join the group 

I accept the invitation 

went to this extensive room, 

see a lot of peoples are doing something 

it’s make me want to join in  

I don’t know the concept of a game. 

Could I notice he had fall in love with me? 

you came into the room pulled up a chair 

sit down next to me lend a helping hand, 

I turn around see your shimmer 

light brown eyes your kindness. 

The  way you treat me well. 

Could I contain myself? 

whatever I see you 

my cheeks  turn bright pink

you are in my head 

flow all the way down, 

make my eyes look like heart shaped

we didn’t know each other that well

take it slowly. 

Wouldn’t I know you had crush on me? 

months grew passed 

the day I ask you a question 

you make it official, 

it’s make us closer to each other 

from the moment forward

we become more than a friend. 

from two thousand and nineteen 

to twenty twenty, 

feel so happy that I want to cry 

you have change the way I am today 

you’re meant for me a lot more 

we come so far with each other. 

Wouldn’t I know you have strong feeling toward me? 

without you my whole body 

totally shut down 

black and white videos 

inside of my head, 

I feel I’m in the middle of a rainstorm 

my heart froze like ice. 

I become like a ice statue 

when it’s crack I’m into thousand pieces, 

when it’s rain I’m like a puddle of water 

float underneath the underground drain 

into the ocean. 



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