Who Name Wasn't Reckon, Those That Did Read Count : 43

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Pulp Fiction
Who can tell me about those
hunted fears of broken tears of past taunts of other shame, those strains from strange encounter held mute of decade shadows wandered moments. Unfolded scar Wounds wars,
Kept sanity;  Thought of none violent speeches.
 Them who rise
 our celebrity.
Some leach sore twisted lies.
voice of reasoning Ecko wailing against the plagues bittersweet of restless sleep. Traumatized seen of the unseen, silent 
Cries rolling through many rough and dangerous paths frightened of various held secreted memories. Remember so many years ago. Some of today's tragedy 
Memorial to you who stood suffered for piety.
Who was sprinkled by source sudden tides words of hope for some decimated? Who prayed.
Intercessors ministers marching road adversity.
Those that fought for the cause with great motives minority others  rarely had a chance without being enslave abused an used. The moral for those lost an couldn't speak for themselves unable to grasp. The arrival's shadiness grief.
Who  was, now is not,
who became against all odds openly that received what was shattered.
Healed receiving expectations those goals their ancestor's console tarried us with words courage garments  hymns.
Some didn't live out to what some may want. the objective of hosting others to build which was torn, respected  by sum mandated   while the  cost acceptance, soled rights soiled down readiness lived their purpose.wakening up to a New who.


  • Mar 08, 2020

  • Mar 22, 2020

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