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You bloom like a flower in May, 
Shining more and more brightly.  
Confident about your beauty, 
You are guilty by making others falling in love.

 Fragrance of lavender, diva attitude, 
With a sweet voice that accompanies a violin. 
 I could read the story of your life from your eyes, 
But I'm stuck after reading some words.  

Your smile is like a sea breeze, 
You leave me cold glints on my skin.  
When my eyes meet your gaze,
 Fall over us seconds of peace.
 Before someone says something.  

Anyone can lose value in front of you,
 You're wearing something special.  
My mind is going crazy, 
Running different stories.

  You do not know that I fall in love 
With every cell you make up,
 Every breath that nourishes your lungs.  
With every glance, 
With every touch of the hand.  

With each heartbeat in common, 
Falling into the void of our lives. 
 As a flower blooming in my thoughts, 
I let myself be led by your beauty.


  • Mar 06, 2020

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