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You are not my first,
Really wanted you to be my last,
Wished you could walk me,
Down the aisle,
To share the vows,
Of togetherness forever,
Everyday I strieved so hard,
For you to be proud of me,
I love you more than life itself,
And you know it all,
Your love drives me,
To become perfect,
My head is full of your memories,
Look at where we are now?
Being friends, is better than enemy.
It gives me hope of fulfilling dreams,
I wished that day never come,
That you said you needed space,
How long? 
You didn't say.
Left everything to fate,
Said I shouldn't wait,
But my heart is with you,
Am waiting,
Get back to your reality sooner,
And let create new memories,
This time you are going nowhere.
~Ade-nafisat Presh


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    Mar 06, 2020

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    Ade_Nafisat Presh


    Mar 06, 2020

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