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  1. I'm gonna always make a chapter on my book!
  2. Pls follow me cause I'm nice and I'm funny
  3. I wanna make you laugh 
  4. I always behaved 
  5. I never let go a promised 
  6. I will always forgiven people that are mean
  7. I'm crazy but you will think I'm amazing 
  8. I always make you feel better sometime 
  9. I will never brake a promised 
  10. I will never say mean stuff
  11. I will be fair 
  12. I will hear your fun stuff
  13. I make funny jokes (sometime people can't handle jokes so I better watch out for that)
  14. I will always be calm sometimes 
  15. I will make a great book about Adventure!



  • follow me pls

    Mar 06, 2020

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