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We all have the same skills,
But not as the same skill as the person does.

Don't feel shame about you got no skill,
But you do have one.

It only by believing on something that you care about,
Don't stop believing what you got right now!.

It's only slow you down, and your friends too!,
But don't give up hope!.

Never give up on a skill that up you have right now!,
It can be better what you good at.

Don't say your dumb or stupid,
But have the bravery to be honest.

Don't say you don't have any skills,
But you do have one, it on you heart.

Someone bully you just be calm and go away,
But be brave to tell your teacher.

Just be brave and use your imagination,
To do something that is right for us!.

Just say you have the skills to do something that you are good at,
But just believed what you have right now!.


  • Mar 06, 2020

  • Mar 06, 2020

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