Midnight On Boggy Creek/ Home Of The Fouke Monster Read Count : 42

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This is a true everyone heard the exact same sounds that came out of the dense woods that night it was me John Burns David Haskell Donnie Kennedy Danny Cooley Don Clark and. Eddie Hankins we started out in Texarkana about 10:45 pm drove to Fouke Arkansas out to the east side of town about 9 miles I drove down the small road that leads to Rocky mound cemetery I pulled up to the gate we all got out and we're leaning against the gate then someone saw a shadow moving near the rear gate of the cemetery everyone was up trying to get a good look at whatever it was we were making quite a bit of noise I heard this loud high pitched shriek slowly the sound got deeper and louder so loud that it vibrated the ground all my hair was standing straight up we were about 30 feet from the car didn't know if this thing would attack us or not we had to make a run for it no way could we stay out in the open we all took off at the same time got in my car a 1964 Chevy Malibu we locked the doors I was hoping it would start right up and it did we got out of there went over to hiway 134 that goes back toward Garland city then turned onto State route ,108 over to 134 west towards Texarkana Donnie had an old 20 gage shotgun and a old car headlight wired to a battery for a light he would sit on the hood and look for possums to shoot well about 15 miles from town a vehicle came up on us really fast then flashing blue lights Miller county sheriff's department stopped me for a tail light out looked in the back floor board saw the shotgun and homade light arrested all of us for spotlighting deer took every one to jail it was in January the cell they put us in was on the top floor of the courthouse and the window was broken it was 28 degrees outside about 30 minutes later my grand dad and step dad showed up grandpa and sheriff' Greer were friends my step dad was a warrant officer for the department so we got out and didn't have to post bail went to court hired a lawyer and all it cost us $250 each fine and nothing more took place back to the growl we heard earlier it was something none of us had
ever heard before from the strength of it's voice it must have been enormous to be that loud it did not want us anywhere near it that's for sure the sound was enough for me I don't think I could stand to see it since that night I have never returned to that cemetery


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    Mar 05, 2020

  • Mar 05, 2020

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