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Ami is sent to his room, then Amber and Dan joins him.

“Ami! You’ve been zoned out for four hours, please say something”, Amber begged.

“I have an idea”, said Dan.

Dan gets out a ring out of Ami’s finger, and says “I now pronounce prince Dan and Princess Ami married..” 

Ami grabs Dan, puts a pillow over his head, and says “As if you're going to get me like that”.

“I can’t believe that worked”, Amber admitted,

“Wait, when did I get in my room?” asked Ami.

“Dude, you were totally zoned out”, said Dan.

“I was? That reminds me I saw Diamond Jay”, said Ami.

“No way!” exclaimed Amber.

“Why didn’t he kidnap you?” asked Dan.

“I don’t know, he just kissed me and next thing I knew I was here”.

“He kissed you?!” gasped Amber and Dan.

That’s when Leo and Eliza opened the door.

“That thief will pay”, said Leo the king.

“Leo! Anything else happened, that you want to talk about?” asked Eliza.

“Prince Cleph confessed to me”, said Ami.

“Seriously, wait he better have not tried to make a move on you ”, reacted Amber.

“No, actually he was just as nervous as I was, so I insisted that we practice our kiss, when we have to temporarily get married”, Ami explains, while blushing.

“Oh Ami, you poor boy, it´s obvious that you're being played ”, said Amber.

Eliza closes Amber ́s mouth, and says “Amber, that is not nice, besides Ami trusts him, don ́t you?”

“I do”, said Ami, with a smile. “Wait, did he already leave?”

“Well, actually his parents sent a request for us to keep him here, since this is where the wedding is going to take place”, said Eliza.

“What?! When is the wedding?” asked Ami, shocked and worried.

"In three days", said Eliza the queen.

"Three days!" gasped Ami,Amber, and Dan.

"It's part of the process of war, the people in Darteria are getting antsy and I'm worried that if the wedding takes too long we might have a war", said Eliza the queen.

"Well, if that's the case I might as well, deal with this rush", said Ami.

Eliza hugs Ami and says "Everything will be okay, sweetie, I promise. Okay?"

"Okay", answered Ami, with a little smile. 

"I love you", said Eliza.

Leo joins in the hug along with Amber, and Dan.

'I hope everything goes well', thinking Ami, as he is being hugged.

On the day of the wedding, Amber is helping Ami with his dress, while he is holding a rose with Dan sitting on a chair beside Ami.

“Why is it so hard to keep balance in this dress?” asked Ami, looking like he’s about to fall.

"What do you expect, you aren't the long dress type?" asked Dan, eating an apple.

"True, but normally I adapt pretty well", Ami admitted.

“I’ll help you”, said Amber.


A few minutes passed by and Ami was practicing walking in his high heels.

“Left, right, left, right, careful!” Amber told Ami looking at Ami’s feet.

Amber stop Ami from falling.

“Amber, I’ll never learn to walk in these high heels and it’s almost time for me to go meet up with my parents”, said Ami.

“How’s my pretty princess?” asked Dan.

“Dan, where’s Prince Cleph?” asked Ami.

“I gave him some punch, why?” answered Dan.

“I wanted to talk to him”, said Ami.

“Ami, do you know nothing”, said Amber.

“The bride and groom can’t see each other before the wedding, it’s bad luck”, said Dan.

“Okay. Then, blindfold me and take me to him”, said Ami.

“Great idea, I’ll take you to him”, said Dan.

“What am I going to do?” asked Amber.

“Keep my parents busy”, said Ami, as he is being dragged out  of the room.

“No problem”, said Amber, waving goodbye.

Dan leads Ami to Prince Cleph’s room, who’s drinking pink punch.

“Ami!” gasped Prince Cleph and blindfolds himself.

“I know it’s early, but I need your help”, said Ami.

“Okay”, said Prince Cleph.

“I’ll help you both. Sit over here on the bed”, said Dan.

Dan closes the door.

"What do you need my help with?" asked Prince Cleph.

"It's your advice, I'm worried about us getting married", said Ami.

"It'll be okay, me, your parents, and everybody will help you. Through this ordeal", said Prince Cleph.

"Thanks, Prince Cleph", said Ami.

At that moment, they heard a bell.

"Oh no, we better go", said Ami, getting up.

"True", said Prince Cleph.

Dan opens the door, takes Ami's hand, and heads back to the prep room.

A few minutes later, Eliza plays the wedding music, Leo is walking with Prince Cleph to the stage where Dan and Amber are.

Soon, Ami comes holding a bouquet of flowers, with her veil being held by birds, as she walks to Prince Cleph.

Prince Cleph reveals Ami's face and smiles.

'I hope, Ami will be alright', thought Eliza.

"It'll be okay", Prince Cleph whispers to Ami.

"Okay", Ami whispers back.

"Dear lovely beloved we are gathered here together to unite two kingdoms, by marrying Prince Cleph of Darteria and Princess Ami from our precious kingdom", said the justice of the Peace.

The people on one side are the people of Darteria and on the other side are the people of Ami's kingdom.

"Prince Cleph, do you take Princess Ami as your wife?" asked the justice of the peace.

"I do", said Prince Cleph.

"And Princess Ami, do you take Prince Cleph as your husband?" asked the justice of the Peace.

"I do", said Ami.

"Then, I officially announce you as husband and wife, you may kiss the wife", said the justice of the Peace.

Prince Cleph and Princess Ami kiss.

"He actually did it", Amber whispered.

"I hate it more than I thought I would", Dan whispered, as he broke a stick.

"I thought you were with Josh", Eliza whispered.

"Yeah, but Ami was and will always be my first love", Dan admitted in a whisper.

Ami is walking with Prince Cleph.

"I can't believe that really happened", said Ami.

"Yup, it did, so you still nervous?"  Prince Cleph nodded.

"A little", said Ami.

"It's okay. In my kingdom, I will help you", said Prince Cleph.

"You sure, you can handle it", said a woman with curly brown hair, wearing a white dress.

"Back off, Selina", said Prince Cleph.

"I just wanted to congratulate the lucky couple", Selina lied.

"I know, you are up to something and if it messes up this arrangement, you will be arrested", said Prince Cleph.

"Oh! Tell me, Prince Cleph, do you really think this marriage will change anything because my friends don't and they, like me aren't afraid of the king and queen", Selina revealed to Prince Cleph.

"They might not be afraid, but that doesn't mean they can outsmart them, besides if you had that strong defense. You would've been able to stop the wedding, so that proves it isn't", said Ami.

"Such a clever girl or should I say boy", smiled Selina.

This shocks Ami and Prince Cleph.

"Oh! Yes, we know of your little secret, and if you think your little theory is correct,and if you try to reach out to anybody we will reveal your secret to everybody", Selina reveals to Ami.

"That is if you get past us", said Amber.

"And let me tell you, we won't let you", said Dan.

"Indeed", said Josh.

"Why you?!" reacted Dan, about to attack Josh with a stick, 

But Josh kisses him on the cheek, and says "I heard of their plan, and I brought some friends".

"Your forgiven", Dan sighs.

"Ain't that sweet, but no amount of friends can help you", Selina told them.

"Say that again", said Melody, with an evil look in her eyes.


"Sis, uh you didn't hear that, right?" asked Selina.

"Yes, and so did mom and dad", said Melody.

"Your grounded, missy", said Selina's mother.

"Also, I called the other parents, so you are caught", said Josh.

"Who are you?" asked Selina.

"Somebody who has friends in high places", said Josh, then laughs evilly.

“Well, now that is settled let’s go to my kingdom”, replied Prince Cleph.

“You better watch over Ami, and if I see a scratch, I’ll end you”, Dan threatens Prince Cleph.

Amber pulls Dan’s ear and says “You mean we and stop scaring him”.

“Don’t worry, he will be fine”, said Prince Cleph. 

Prince Cleph and Ami walks and sees a woman who has long blond hair in a bun, wearing a purple dress with long sleeves and white heels and a man who has a red outfit.

“Pleasure to meet you, Princess Ami, don’t worry, you will be taken good care of you”, smiled Prince’s Cleph’s mother. “I’m Queen Janet”.

“And I’m King Sage, can we discuss something away from the crowd?” asked Prince Cleph’s father.

“Of course”, said Ami.

Ami leads King Sage, Queen Janet, and Prince Cleph to an empty room.

“Listen, Prince Ami, I advise you to stay away from our son, you two may be temporarily married, but it is only temporarily; so, when we get to our kingdom, you will be in separate rooms", King Sage tells Ami.

"Father, please", Prince Cleph begged.

"Don't show him sympathy, he is a disgrace to royalty", said King Sage.

"Which is why you won't be near our son", said Queen Janet.

Queen Janet and King Sage send Ami to their kingdom with a different carriage.

Once, Ami got to the kingdom of Darteria, he is locked up.

"Ami, I'm so sorry, I didn't think my parents would be like this", Prince Cleph apologized, with sad eyes.

"I'll be fine, I knew some people would be judgemental, them being king and queen isn't surprising", Ami reassures Prince Cleph.

"I'll bring you food and drinks", said Prince Cleph, with his hand on Ami's.

"Thanks, but you should leave before your parents catch you", Ami tells Prince Cleph.

"I'll come back, I promise", said Prince Cleph, holding Ami's hand and kissing it, then he let's go and runs away.

Ami sits down, blushes, and says "Do I actually like that guy?"

A few hours pass and Ami is lying on the rough floor of his cell, when he hears a voice say "Feeling lonely".

Ami gets up, and asks "Who's there?"

The moonlight comes in and it's revealed to be Diamond Jay holding a brown bag.

"Diamond Jay, why are you here?" asked Ami.

Diamond Jay puts a necklace around Ami’s neck, kisses him on the cheek, and says “Until next time, my princess”.

Then, Diamond Jay disappears.

Ami looks at the necklace, then says “Why? Why me?”

A few minutes later, Prince Cleph appears with a tray full of food, he temporarily opens the cell, and gives the try to Ami.

“Prince Cleph, do you know Diamond Jay?” asked Ami.

Prince Cleph looks shocked about Ami’s question for ten seconds, then he finally answers “He was my best friend, but how did you know?”

Ami shows the necklace.

“He put this around me as well, he must know how I felt about you”, said Prince Cleph.

“Did he like you?” asked Ami.

“He confessed to me, but I turned him down, so he disappeared and he turned into Diamond Jay”, Prince Cleph admitted.

“Can’t you change him back?” asked Ami.

“I tried, but he doesn’t want to listen to reason”, said Prince Cleph. “I just don’t want him to get arrested”.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason why?” asked Ami.

“What do you mean?” asked Prince Cleph.

“Call me crazy, but when I saw how you looked at the necklace, you looked like you wanted more than to keep him safe”, said Ami. "Could it be you wanted to be with him, but you were too scared?"


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