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Prince Cleph talks with Ami, while dancing.

"You make quite a cute princess", Prince Cleph complimented Ami. 

Ami blushed, and said "Thank you".

"Do dresses feel comfortable?" asked Prince Cleph.

"Most of them, yeah", Ami answered.

"The heels?” asked Prince Cleph.

“They can be a little bit of a pain, but I found a way to work through it”, Ami smiles.

“Do you like dancing, you seem pretty good?” asked Prince Cleph.

“I don’t dance, I try to avoid it”, said Ami. 

“Well, you could’ve fooled me”, said Prince Cleph.

Prince Cleph starts to lead Ami out of the dance room.

“One more question, that I think would be best answered away from the dance floor”, said Prince Cleph, holding Ami’s hand.

“Sure”, said Ami.

Dan and Josh sneakily go after them, since Amber was in the middle of talking to a prince that has purple hair, wearing a silver/red outfit named Prince Harry.

Prince Cleph leads Ami to an empty room.

“Prince Cleph...what did you want to talk to me about?” asked Ami, nervously.

“I have talked with your parents about your true identity and I have decided to keep it a secret, but I must come clean about something I didn’t tell your parents”, said Prince Cleph, then gets closer to Ami.

“What’s that?” asked Ami, backing up.

“Don’t be afraid, I'm not trying to attack you, it’s just”, Prince Cleph reassure Ami, as he stops moving.

Prince Cleph starts blushing and puts his head down.

This makes Ami curious, so he starts to walk up to Prince Cleph, then puts up his head, and says “What is it?”

“I never kissed a boy before and I know I have to in order to put the treaty between our two kingdoms in effect”, Prince Cleph admitted.

Ami smiles, then starts laughing, which makes Prince Cleph lift his head and says “I’m guessing you felt the same”.

“Of course, my friends actually kissed me to prepare for this, but you’re too kind to worry about”, said Ami, in-between laughing.

“Oh, you thought I was like those rebel princes that’s in our land”, Prince Cleph figured out.

“Yeah, my cousin Amber and my friend Josh warned me about them”, said Ami, then sits on the bed.

“So, I’m guessing that means we will get along for the sake of our new friendship and our kingdoms?” asked Prince Cleph.

“Of course, let’s shake on it”, said Ami, holding his hand out.

Prince Cleph and Ami shake hands.

“You can try and kiss me now, so you won’t be so nervous later”, Ami offered, then started blushing.

“Are you sure?” Prince Cleph blushed.

“Yeah, unless this is your first kiss”, said Ami.

“As if, i’m not like that”, said Prince Cleph.

Prince Cleph pulls Ami for a kiss, which Dan and Josh see, since they gently open the door wider.

As they were watching Prince Cleph and Ami kiss, a shadow passed them, which Josh noticed.

“Dan, I’ll be right back”, Josh whispered.

"Josh, where are you going?" asked Dan.

"Don't worry, just getting a snack, don't miss me too much", said Josh, then winks his eye. 

Josh walks away, where the shadow ran off to.

On the other side, Ami and Prince Cleph head to the kitchen, where they find two pieces of pumpkin pie and eat it together.

In the kitchen, they see it's raining outside.

"Awww! I hate rainy days", Ami complained.

"You really are too much like a girl, did you ever get to act like a boy?" asked Prince Cleph.

"Yeah, Dan would always take me out to events to get away from my parents, the first time we did it, it was my ninth birthday; we sneaked out to a festival and had so much fun, during that time I realized how great a friend Dan is, we still go out to events to this day, last time we went to a knight tournament and it fantastic", said Ami, then ate a piece of pumpkin pie.

"You seem to have a great life", said Prince Cleph, looking at Ami.

"I guess I do", Ami agreed.

"Lucky, did you ever want to quit pretending to be a princess and just be a plain prince?" asked Prince Cleph.

"Well, to be honest I did at first and I kept telling my parents eventually people will find out I'm a guy, and my reputation will be ruined, but they insisted that it would all work out. In fact, four years ago we made a deal that once I get married I can switch to being a prince", Ami revealed.

"Really? Will you announce it to the whole kingdom?" wondered Prince Cleph.

"Not me, my mom will, I'm too shy around crowds", said Ami.

"Make sense", said Prince Cleph. "Ami?" 

"Yeah", answered Ami.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" asked Prince Cleph.

"I like the idea, but no, I don't believe it, I feel that love has to be earned by getting along, going on dates, and finding your love for each other in your hearts", Ami tells Prince Cleph.

"So, if I tell you that I'm actually falling for you, what would you say?" Prince Cleph asks with a serious look on his face.

"Your kidding, right?" asked Ami, surprised.

Prince Cleph sits his plate down, looks at Ami with glittery eyes, and says "No, I actually feel that I want to date you".

"But, I'm a guy", Ami pointed out.

"I know, yet your attitude, the way you smile, the way you explain your life; I can't help, but fall for you", said Prince Cleph.

Ami blushed at the idea how Prince Cleph was admitting his feelings even though they hadn't known each other for that long.

"Will you be willing to give me a chance?" asked Prince Cleph.

"I...I...I...excuse me", said Ami, then ran out of the kitchen, and into the hallway.

Prince Cleph tries to find Ami, but he's actually really fast, and Ami hides in an empty room.

"Ami! I hope you will give me a proper answer before the night is over, I'll be in the dance room waiting for you", Prince Cleph calls Ami.

Prince Cleph walks away.

Ami sits on a bed, puts his face on a pillow with his face blushing and says "What am I doing?"

Then, Ami gets up, and says "I'm being a coward that's what I'm doing, I mean I knew that this would happen, yet it's still shocking a prince would fall for another prince".

Ami finally gets out of the room and walks into the hallway, where he sees the guards are knocked out by the vault that holds the family jewels, so without thinking he opens the vault and heads in.

The vault immediately closes, as Ami walks through the vault he sees a trail of gold, and follows it.

There he sees a man who has a black top hat, wearing a black suit, cape, and heels with a mask a.k.a. Diamond Jay.

At that moment, Diamond Jay grabs a white bag, walks up the ceiling, then drops down,he walks up to Ami, then kisses him.

“See you my little prince/princess”, said Diamond Jay, then winks and runs away.

The guards come in the vault with Leo the king.

‘That was Diamond Jay?’ asked Ami, shocked, standing still in the vault.

Leo the king shakes Ami, while he is deep and thought.

‘And he kissed me’, Ami thinks in his head.

Diamond Jay is looking at the castle from afar and says “Here, starts the story of first love”.

Then, Diamond Jay disappears in the night.


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