Tales Of The Princess Boy Chapter 2 Read Count : 13

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At that moment, Dan comes into the room along with a girl who has long curly brown hair, wearing a blue dress and heels named Amber.

"As if", said Dan, and moved Josh from Ami.

Amber hugs Ami and spins him around.

"You look as cute as ever in that dress, my dear cousin", Amber smiled.

"Amber! You have to come to the dance as well?" asked Ami.

"Yup, my mom and dad want me out of the castle, but you're going to be married before me", said Amber.

"It's not my choice, I have to get married in order to bring peace to this kingdom and Darteria", said Ami.

"Really? But, does the prince know that you're a guy,and what if he tries to kiss you or have sex with you", said Amber.

"Sex?!" Am I panicked, then he faints again on the floor.

"Amber!" groaned Dan.

"I was just being realistic, boys in that kingdom can be animals", said Amber, as Dan pours water on Ami from out of a flower vase.

"Amber, that's not nice", said Eliza the queen.

"Yeah, you want to give your cousin a heart attack", said Drew the king of Danfield.

Drew has short brown hair, wearing a king outfit with the colors of a rainbow. He's also Amber's dad.

"Now apologize", said Drew the king of Danfield.

"Sorry, Ami", Amber apologizes.

"No, I needed to hear that so I can prepare myself for the dance and the prince", said Ami,with a determined look on his face.

"So, what did the prince or his family say, you're majesty?" asked Dan.

"I told the prince, since his family is out, he told me that he only wants a dance", said Eliza the queen.

"Alright!" Ami jumped in the air.

"But, according to the rules of marriage in Darteria, the new married couple must at least kiss", said Eliza the queen, as she put Ami on the floor.

"Why?" asked Ami, worried.

"You fool, it's traditional", said Amber, as she hits Ami on the head. 

"But, I can't kiss a guy, I've never done it before, plus...well", said Ami, blushing.

Dan swipes Ami off his feet and kisses him on the lips.

"There problem solved", said Dan.

"Dan, I swear one of these days I'm going to kill you", said Ami, looking furious.

"Looking forward to it, besides how was the kiss?" Dan jokes.

Ami touches his lips, blushes, puts his hand over his lips, gives a bitter look, and says "Fine".

"I'm glad to hear that", Dan smiles. "Sorry, Josh".

"No prob, I want to give you an example", said Josh.

Josh gives Ami a French kiss, then lets him go.

Ami turns super red.

"You're going to kill my son", said Eliza, moving Ami from Josh and Dan.

"Wait, Eliza, I think they are trying to help him", Drew the king of Danfield figured out, then he looks at Dan and Josh. "Right?"

"Well, the boys over there are known to win over everybody's hearts, like we showed and with their fake attitude", said Dan.

"Fake attitude?" asked Eliza the queen.

"Some of them will act nice just to get the girl from her parents than abuse her", Dan admitted.

"While I was gone, I did go on a date with one of them, they tried to do the same thing with me and I got my payback and now him or his friends won't be bothering me", said Josh, spinning a key.

"How many dates?" asked Dan.

"Now, don't be jealous, after all my heart belongs to you", Josh smiles.

"Yo! Lovebirds, focus on helping Princess Ami over there", said Amber.

"Right", said Dan. "We will be right by your side to help you".

"Right, Amber?" Josh looks at Amber.

"Of course, I wouldn't want anything to happen to my cousin", said Amber.

"Then, it's settled", said Eliza the queen, about to walk out.

"Except,  where's dad?" asked Ami, looking at Eliza.

"Your father is talking to the royal guards apparently there has been some recent  robberies and it's been in all kinds of kingdoms", said Eliza the queen.

"No way! You don't mean that bandit: Diamond Jay, do you?" asked Amber, with stars in her eyes.

"The very same", Eliza the queen nodded her head. "So, be alert".

"Right!" all the teenagers agreed.

"Okay, let's get you ready for the dance", said  Amber. "I'll do the makeup".

"I'll pick out the dress", said Dan.

"And I'll pick the accessories", Josh added.

Four minutes later, Ami sees himself wearing a red brae, pink eyeshadow, crimson dress with pink lines on that, four rings, and red heels.

"How cute! I think this is the best work we have done", said Amber.

"I agree", said Josh.

"Well, what do you think?" Dan asks Ami.

"It's perfect, I feel like I'm from a scary fairytale", said Ami.

"That's the point, that guy will like the flow of mystery in your dress, and at the same time it's a trap, since we will be right by you. Also, we packed some stuff in your pocket", said Josh.

"You all are the best", Ami hugs Dan, Josh, and Amber.

"At times like this I forget you're a boy", said Amber.

"Screw you",  said Ami, then threw a pillow at her face.

"That was a compliment you're supposed to be a Princess after all",  Amber laughed.

"True", said Ami, then heads out the door with the others.

The dance there is many people dancing, boys and girls, some of them have smiles on their faces, others are just looking at each other, and some are separate from each other.

Ami walks with Dan holding his hand to the dance floor.

"You okay?" Dan asks Ami.

"I'm...okay", Ami shivered.

"Relax, I'm right here", said Dan, patting Ami on the head.

"Oh!" gasped some of the girls.

"Thanks Dan, but we're drawing attention", said Ami, putting Dan's hand.

"Okay, let's dance", said Dan, pulling Ami to the dance floor.

The dance catches more attention from the other princes and princesses.

Dan switches with Josh and he dances with Ami.

"You planned this whole thing, while getting me ready?" asked Ami.

"Amber can be really agreeable, especially when it comes to you", said Josh, then spins Ami, and lands in Josh's arms.

Soon, their music changed and became slowly having some people change partners.

Somebody walks up to Ami, and offers his hand.

He has long brown hair, wearing a yellow prince outfit, red cape, and yellow shoes.

His name is Prince Cleph.

"May I cut in?" asked Prince Cleph,  offering his hand.

"Sure", said Ami, taking Prince Cleph's hand.

Prince Cleph smiles at Ami, while he is dancing with Ami.


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