Tales Of The Princess Boy Chapter 1 Read Count : 17

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Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Rose, a king and queen had a baby boy, but the problem was that the kingdom really needed a Princess, so they dressed the boy as a boy and this lasted for 15 years.

Anyway, the boy fooled everybody into thinking he was a princess, then he got some special news.

The boy was fixing his hair, while looking out the window, when he heard a knock on the door.

His name is Prince/Princess Ami.

He has long brown hair,  blue eyes, wearing a dark blue dress, the dress covers his legs, he has blue heels.

"Your highness, a message ", said a butler.

"Come in", said Ami.

The butler comes with an envelope. 

"What does it say?" asked Ami.

The butler opens the envelope, sees the letter, and says "It says your requested to go to a ball, to get married".

"Okay. Wait, what? Married?” asked Ami.

“You’re at that age to prepare for marriage”, said the butler.

“Mother and father agreed to this?” asked Ami, worried.

“The king and queen did agree to the terms in this envelope”, answered the butler.

“After all this time, I didn’t think they would this far besides i’m guy, I can’t marry another guy”, said Ami.

“It’ll be only temporary, just until we settle the feud between our land and Darteria, so leave a good impression”, said the queen, entering the room.

The queen has brown hair in a bun, wearing a light blue dress that covers her legs.Her name is Eliza.

“Mom”, said Ami, and hugged Eliza.

“You seem beautiful as always”, said Eliza.

“Thanks, mom, but what if the prince tried to kiss me?” asked Ami.

“Don’t worry, we have a plan B for that”, said Eliza, then blinked.

“Fine, I will go through this, but I have to swallow my pride”, Ami sighed.

“For a boy that has been dressing as a girl for fifteen years, that is saying something”, said Dan.

Dan has black hair, wearing a white/red prince outfit.

“Shut up”, said Ami,as he grabs a pillow, throws it at Dan, but misses.

Dan laughs and enters the room.

“You’re really going to that dance?” asked Dan.

“That depends will you help me through that horror”, Ami smiled.

“Of course, I’m your knight in shining armor”, Dan jokes.

“Do you ever take anything seriously?” asked Ami.

“Nope, sometimes I hate you”, said Ami, with an annoyed look on his face.

Dan swipes Ami off his feet, smirks, and says “You mean you love me”.

“As if”, said Ami.

Ami walks out of the room.

“He’s always so cute”, said Dan. “Too bad, I can’t marry him”.

The door opens, revealing the king, he has short brown hair, wearing a white cape, brown suit, and brown shoes. His name is Leo.

“There’s not a chance that will happen”, said Leo.

“True, but a boy can dream”, said Dan.

Ami goes into the garden, where he sees somebody smelling roses in the garden.

The person turns around to see Ami, he sees a white aura around  Ami, and the person is revealed to be a princess that has long blonde hair, wearing a pink dress, and red heels.

Her name is Melody.

Melody gets up, looks at Ami, while holding a rose, and says “I’m sorry, I picked a rose from this garden by accident”.

“It’s okay, the garden is supposed to be for everybody, plus there are plenty of roses”, said Ami.

Ami puts the rose in Melody’s hair, after he took off the thorns, gets a mirror from his pocket and says “The rose looks better this way”.

Melody’s eyes glowed as she saw herself in the mirror, and says “It’s beautiful. your high highness, can I get permission from you to hug and maybe kiss you on the cheek?”

Ami blushed,but tried to hide it, and said “You have my permission”.

Melody smiles at Ami’s response, hugs him, spins him, and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Ami fainted.

“Your highness! Your highness!” called Melody, worried.

Dan was hiding behind a tree watching the whole situation between Melody and Ami.

Dan smiles, and says “He is so pathetic”.

“Like you”, said a person coming from the shadows.

This person is revealed to be a boy who has a dark purple/black outfit . His name is Josh.

“So, you returned”, said Dan, with a cold look on his face.

“My. My. Somebody doesn’t look happy”, said Josh, with a playful smile.

“Why did you come back?” asked Dan.

Josh puts his arm around Dan, and says “Why so cold, after all we’re friends and plus it seems you sneaking on your lover again”.

“I can’t really call him that, since he hasn’t fallen for me”, said Dan.

“After all these years, you still can’t win over his heart. Too bad”, said Josh.

Josh hugs Dan and says “You still have me, I know you still like me”.

“You left me and yet, you haven’t changed”, Dan complained.

“Neither have you”, said Josh.

Josh pins Dan to a tree and kisses Dan.

"Josh, we can't do it here", said Dan, pulling him back.

Josh pulls Dan to the castle without anybody catching them, and says "I found a special  room".

The story goes to Ami opens his eyes and notices he had fainted.

"I can't believe I fainted, I am so lame", said Ami.

"You sure are", said Josh, coming from the window.

"Josh!" gasped Ami, closing his legs.

"Don't worry, I didn't see and I'm not going to steal you away. But, I did take Dan", said Josh, walking up to Ami.

"But I thought two boys or men marrying or dating is illegal", Ami remembered.

"That is if anybody catches us, and besides you're one to talk, since you're about to get married to a guy", Josh pointed out.

"That's different, I don't have a choice you two do, besides I don't even know if I like guys like that", said Ami.

Josh kissed Ami on the cheek.

Ami gasped and backed up.

"By that reaction, it's easy to see you do like guys or at least me", said Josh.

At that moment, Dan comes into the room along with a girl who has long curly brown hair, wearing a blue dress and heels named Amber.


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