The Magical World Read Count : 12

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Sub Category : Childrens
A long time ago a girl called Rolanda lived in a far away village called She can't go to school because her parents had no money so they can only buy food.
One day Rolanda met a girl called Amelia who had a best friend called Amy.They were very rich they gave Ronalda a key...A magical key with a box!.
When she went home she opened the box and a magic glow came through it and she got sucked in the box.When she was inside she was shocked and surprise to see the world.
When she was in the magical world she saw a boy called Richard came up to her and said ,"I will show you around , come with me".
So Richard showed Rolanda the magical world.The trees with diamond's, the grass was silver , the sky was gold and he showed Rolanda many things.
The last thing he showed Rolanda was a bag of money for her family so now she can go to school and get lots of food and lived in a better house.


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    Mar 04, 2020

  • Nice for children

    Mar 05, 2020

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