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I was reach for more of the candy, me, and elliot were watching scream. "You sure you don't want more to drink?" Elliot asked while grabbing more popcorn. "I'm sure, I want to only be slightly buzzed before I kill him." I replied. I then got up from the couch, walking to get my coat. I then walk outside into the alley. "What movie you watching today?" Billy says as I approach. "Scream." I answer. I then give his money, and he gives my weed. "See you tomorrow." Billy says. He turns around, I then reach into my breast pocket. I grab the gun, putting two holes in his chest, billy then falls to the ground. I turn him around, grabbing the cigarette in his mouth, throwing it away. "Atleast I killed you before you got cancer." I say to Billy, I put the gun to his head, and pulled the trigger. I then walk back in my house. "Now, we drink, and we tell the cops that we've been drunk the whole time. Let's not drink to much, just enough to seem drunk." We then take turns drinking our liquor. A few minutes later we hear a knock on the door. I only am buzz, but elliot is in a deep sleep. I answer the door, already knowing it's the cop. "You kill the man out there?" He asked. "I'm to drunk to kill." I say, slurring my i's, and o's. "We'll be back when your sober." I then begin smoking the weed I got before bed. 

I'm walking towards Kelly, I see him chewing something. "What you chewing?" I asked kelly, already knowing what he's chewing. "Skin. I ate the don of the Chinese mod." Kelly whispered. He then leads me towards the meeting. The best thing to call him is loyal, the worst is hes a cannibal, who hunts for his food. We walked into the meeting, with all the guys we needed to rob the bank. "You wack him?" The don asked. "Yeah, the cop maybe after me soon." I replied. "We may want to be careful leaving here, they can't see us together." The don said. "Kelly, your placed in the bank, we'll throw a smoke bomb in, once the guards turn there back you wack them." Kelly then nodded his head in approval. "We'll be outside, before you kill them we'll throw in a gas bomb." The don said. "Once there dead we'll then rob the bank, and everyone inside. Everyone understand." We all shake our head in approval. "Good, now let's sneak out of this place." We then put our coats on, and begin to leave. As soon as we left the building police ran out of there cars, and took aim. "Freeze!" One yells. "Get on the ground!" We then fall to the ground. "We didn't do nothing." The don says. "Shut the fuck up. We're not after you today." The officer replied. He then pulls me of the ground, and arrests me. 

"Your friend already told us that you killed him. so why don't you just spill?" The detective said. "If you already have a confession, then why do you need another?" I responded. "If you confess you'll get a better deal." He replied. "If I get less time in jail, then I'll be more likely to be killed for being a rat. I ain't talking." I said. "Well, that's your right." He said. Two cops came into the room, and took me to a cell. After an hour I hear an explosion outside, then a gunfight. I quick realize it was the mob. After a minute a smile formed on my face. After 5 minutes the gunfire stopped, then the don stepped out of the shadows. "We got some home movies to watch, to determine if your a rat or not." He said. He then unlocked the cell, and after Kelly finished carrying the bodies into his car we left the place a blazed. When we finish a massacre we have kelly take home the bodies, then he'll cut them up, and feast on them, getting rid of the evidence, it usually takes a week. 

Me, and elliot were sit at the table playing cards, we were waiting for Kelly to finish cutting up the evidence, the don was already on the couch, with our interaction on the tv screen. "Ron. On of the Chinese is at my door step." The don said. Me, and elliot go to watch the nest cam the don had on his phone. We see Ron chock the man, pulling him into the street. "What do you want?" He said with anger in his voice. "I... want to know wh... who killed the leader." The man said his voice shaking. Ron then pulled out his machete, and swung it at his head like an axe. He then walked back home. Kelly, and ron lived together. Ron was a necrophiliac, a great part to live together. Ron wasn't in the crime business, he was more of a house sitter for the don. Kelly, and Ron come back later, they take the body home, and bleached the street. An hour later Kelly gets here to review the interactions, lucky non of us snitched, or we may get a vist from Ron. 

We went too a field to burn the DVDs, we went down into a depression in the field, and had Kelly, and Ron wait in the car right at the edge of the depression. We watched as a car pulled at the edge of the depression, I look at our car to see the windows rolling down, and the ends of rifles sticking out. Kelly was probably gonna shoot at the people who attack us, and Ron was probably gonna shoot the driver. "Get your guns ready!" The don said. We all then pulled out our pistol waiting for the fight. 3 Chinese men got out of the car. The was me, elliot, and the don on the field, but we had sniper fire. We then hear 2 gunshots, one at an man on the field, and then another at the driver. We then start shooting at the rest of them. We then walked over to the car, and look who the driver. The don pushed his head throw the car window. "The driver died." The don said bring his head out. We then pulled the bodies into the fire. 

We walked into the car. "Did they pull there guns?" The don asked Ron. "No, but the driver was reaching into the glovebox." Ron replied. "Ok, he probably was reaching for his gun." The Don said. We the drove away from the field. "Ron, do you think you can take over the robbery for me." The Don said. "Sure, but who will watch your house?" Ron replied. "I will." The don answered. "The plans our at my place, I'll hand them over to you." "Ok, let's drive over there now."


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