The Adventures Of Myaleka And Myleka Chapter 5 Read Count : 12

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Myleka exit out of the library, where she sees Myaleka.

“Telepathy“, Myleka smiled.

“Yup, what did you find out?“ asked Myaleka

“She is positive, kind, her powers are unstoppable, and she loves her friends. Plus, I feel her presence“, said Myleka.

“Where?“ asked Mina.

“She’s come and fast, Aunt Mina, I would probably move“, Myleka tells Mina.

Mina runs from the spot, she was at, when a fireball appeared, that’s when Starlight appears with Kina, Annabelle, Marvin, and Jasmine.

The fireball changes into a person and a portal appears at the same time.

The person is revealed to be Kaima and out of the portal comes Ben.

“Kaima! Ben!” exclaimed Kina, Mina, Jasmine, Marvin, and Annabelle, then hug them.

Myaleka and Myleka stand being silent, then Kaima moves her friends and sister away, and walks up to her daughters.

Ben does the same thing.

“I know we have been gone for a long time and I am so sorry”, Kaima apologized.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think I would be gone for so long, do you forgive us?” Ben apologizes too.

“Only if you promise you won’t leave our side”, said Myaleka.

“I agree with Myaleka, we spent years without a mother and father, we don’t want to be living like that anymore, no offense Aunt Mina, Kina, Jasmine, Annabelle, and Uncle Marvin”, said Myleka.

“None taken, we understand”, said Jasmine.

Myaleka and Myleka turn to Kaima and Ben.

Kaima and Ben kiss Myaleka and Myleka on the forehead, and says “We promise we won’t leave you again, no matter what”.

“You’re forgiven”, Myaleka and Myleka decided.

Kaima and Ben hug Myaleka and Myleka.

“We love you”, said Kaima and Ben tell Myaleka and Myleka.

A minute later, Kaima and Ben get introduced to Harmony, Comiclover23, Jack, May, Ka Mary, Kell, Percy, Marcus, and Dot along with Starlight, Light Tina, Light Aina, Dave jr, Dave sr, Sophia, Meaghan, Harold, Dan, and Timmy. 

“Pleasure to meet you all, I’m Kaima Amadell”, said Kaima, with a smile on her face.

“And I'm Ben Amadell”, said Ben.

“I thought the wife normally takes the name of the husband”, said Light Aina.

“Normally, yes, but not in my case”, said Kaima.

“She’s very persuasive”, said Ben.

“So, true”, said Kaima. 

“WIth all that over, let's continue the birthday”, said Mina.

That’s when Kaima’s eyes glow and she levitates in the air, then says “Moonshine is in trouble”.

“You mean that goddess we met early?” asked Light Tina.

“Yes, she and the other goddesses need help”, said Kaima.

“Then, let’s go”, said Myaleka.

“Don’t be too reckless”, said Kaima. “Follow our lead”.

Kina, Annabelle, Marvin, and Jasmine get out their magical items and transform.

“Other parents stay with your children, it’s too dangerous to bring them along”, said Kaima.

“Like I’m letting my son go anywhere near Moonshine Academy”, said Light Aina.

The Amadell family along with Kaima’s friends head to Moonshine Academy.

At Moonshine Academy, a tornado is sucking people.

Seeing this, Kaima makes her butterfly wings appear, extra arms, and a white dress, then takes Myaleka and Myleka.

Myaleka and Myleka use their powers to get the people that are being sucked into the magic tornado.

Kaima gets closer and sees a bunch of magic staff’s glowing.

Kaima and everybody else grabbed twenty children, but they were still forty children short.

Kaima creates a magic shield making the children and the gods along with goddesses end up out of the tornado.

But, Kaima, Kina, Jasmine, Annabelle, Ben, Myaleka, Mina, and Myleka get sucked into the tornado.


In the portal, there is grass, flowers, a barn, but no animals; there's also wrapped plants that look big like a barn, assembled in a line.

Kell and Jack land in the grass.

"Where's mom? I thought we were right behind here", Myaleka asks Myleka.

"Seems like an odd place", said Kell.

"You said it", said Jack.

might be able "I have noticed that this land represents a maze, I think I might be able to figure out", Myleka noticed.

"Great, let's try to find her along with other kids", Myaleka hopes.

On the other side of the maze, Kaima in the butterfly form gets attacked by a giant flower, that trying to swallow her.

Without even thinking, Kaima turn the flower to dust, but it regroups and makes double.

"It doesn't matter how many of you there are, I am much stronger", Kaima assures the pants.

From a distance, a cloud of energy is heading for Kaima takes her fire away, so Kaima turns her tail into a weed wacker to split the flower.

The flower split out a boy who has red/white hair, wearing a pink dress, and black heels; who's shocked, and says "Thank you, Kaima".

"Plaimq, I thought your mother said you would never go to Moonshine Academy ever", Kaima recognized the boy.

"She did, unfortunately I'm a loner, so she doesn't control us", Plaimq told Kaima.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, comes on, we need to figure out  where my daughters and the other children are", Kaima decided.

Plaimq explains that there are many plants like the one she destroyed, and they work in a kinda pattern.

The only way to escape is if they get to the barn, find the farmer and destroy the golden circus.

Ben is in the middle of maze, where he notices a rabbit twitches its nose, and it's ears are bent.

The rabbit helps Ben to a giant flower that spit out more children.

Ben avoids the thorns with his sword.

The flower releases acid, that Ben avoids.

Ben slices the flower's life source.

"Do you know where my family is?" Ben asks the rabbit.

The rabbit nodded, hops in the direction where everybody is.

Ben follows the rabbit to the garden of vegetables.

"Dad!" exclaimed Myaleka and Myleka.

"Hey", said Kell and Jack.

"We're all together again", said Kaima.

Together, they save the children and destroy plants.

Kaima sees a corpse of the farmer that cut up around the body, dressed as a scarecrow, his eyes are gone, his left and right foot are gone, his arms are burnt.

The golden circle is found behind the barn, which has a bunch of kids experiencing pain.

There are tattoos on the children's arms, that's glowing, and a strong energy storm comes.

An orange aura surrounds Kaima, her eyes start glowing, she stops the children's pain.

A portal appears, Jack, Kell, Plaimq and Ben help the children escape.

Myaleka and Myleka take Kaima away from the energy storm and enters the  portal with her.


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