The Adventures Of Myaleka And Myleka Chapter 4 Read Count : 16

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Sub Category : Fantasy

The portal reopens to a brand new place.

There is a colorful sky, flying cars, schools, and hover shoes; mutants, gods, goddesses and other.

Some people are looking at port screens, self-fixing building, models, and walking pets.

The kids are amazed by what they see and jump for joy.

“Wow!” exclaimed The kids.

“Welcome to Savaopiutopia”, said Mina.

“Aunt Mina, did you make up that name?” asked Myaleka.

“Nope, the sign says that name over there”, said Myleka, pointing to the sign.

“It took me three years to say that right”, Jasmine complained.

“So, where are we going?” asked May.

“This place is so crazy, I can’t think of where we can explore”, said Ka Mary.

“I can, everybody follow me”, said Mina.

Mina leads everybody to a forest, where goddesses and one god are battling a monster.

The monster is Philipa, a giant woman comes from a pit of fire, she has red hair, green skin, with red wings.

The goddesses are Artemis, Moonshine, Athena, and the god is Apollo.

Apollo blinds the monster, Artemis ties the monster, Athena and Moonshine lead Philipa in a pit.

“Isn’t this place, a little dangerous for our children?” asked Light Tina.

“Don’t worry, this is just practice, the monster won’t hurt anybody unless they have powers like them”, Kina reassures everybody.

“Can we get a closer look?” asked Myaleka.

“Sister, I don’t think that a wise idea, I’m sensing a bad aura from the creature”, said Myleka.

“What kind of bad aura?” asked Myaleka.

Then, at that moment, the pit releases a bunch of smoke.

“I thought you said it was safe!” complained Light Aina.

“It is, unless...Myaleka! Myleka! Move!” called Mina.

Myleka grabs her Myaleka’s hand and runs with superspeed.

Philipa comes out of the ground and run after Myaleka and Myleka.

Mina grows wings and flies away, the other parents follow along with the kids. 

The kids are stopped by Jasmine,Annabelle, Kina, and Marvin.

Philipa finally catches up to Myaleka and Myleka.

Before she could attack, A giant foot crushed her, and knocked Philipa down.

Myaleka and Myleka looked up and saw Mina as a t-rex.

“Awesome!” exclaimed Myaleka.

“Thank you”, said Mina.

Moonshine opens up a portal that sends Philipa away to a land of eternal suffering, then closes the portal. 

“Best present ever, sure it wasn’t great that we almost got hunted by a giant woman wasn’t good, but besides that it was fun“, said Myaleka.

Mina noticed Myleka disappeared.

Myleka ended up by a library that has Ms. Greenpatch in front of the door reading a book with glasses.

Ms. Greenpatch has a fedora, red dress, and red heels

“Interested in reading, Myleka“ asked Ms. Greenpatch, then closes her book.

“Ms. Greenpatch?“ asked Myleka, recognizing her from Mina’s stories.

“Guessing your aunt told you about me, since your mother is still in space“, Ms. Greenpatch figures out, as she walks down the stairs to Myleka.

“True, It seems everybody knows about my mother except me and your sister“, Myleka sighed.

Ms. Greenpatch throws her book at Myleka, and Myleka catches it.

“Follow me, I’ll show you something special“, said Ms. Greenpatch, as she walks into the library.

Myleka speeds into the library after Ms. Greenpatch, she leads Myleka deep into the library, where lots of people are around.

Myleka notices books about her mother all over the place, then she sees Jake and Neddy signing books.

“Uncle Jake and Neddy“, said Myleka.

“Yup, they are authors now, let’s go, it looks like their about to shut down“, Ms. Greenpatch insisted.

Myleka and Ms. Greenpatch walks up to Jake and Neddy.

“Myleka, you’re finally here, I thought Mina would’ve left us hanging and we closed shop early for nothing“, said Jake.

“Which book would you like to pick from the selection?“ asked Neddy.

“The origin book“, answered Myleka.

Neddy walks in the back and gets a big red book, then hands it to Myleka.

As Myleka touches the book, her eyes glowed, her body starts to levitate making all the other books about Kaima surround Myleka; each book opens.

“Whoa!“ exclaimed Jake, Neddy, and Ms. Greenpatch.

Myleka finally lands on the floor, and put the books back where they belong.

“Fascinating, I have to tell Myaleka, what I discovered“, said Myleka, then leaves.


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