The Adventures Of Myaleka And Myleka Chapter 3 Read Count : 11

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At Mina's house, Jasmine, Kina, Annabelle, Marvin, and Aunt Mina are sitting on the couch, while Myaleka and Myleka are on the carpet.

"It started on a sunny day, we were having a picnic in Walnut Park on a hill, that's when Cat showed up warning everybody about the meteor, but Kaima was getting a drink for us, the meteor hits her and she gets mutant powers", said Jasmine.

"Cat called Dr. Liama, she took Kaima and us to the Greensdale Mansion, there we met Neddy, Jennie, Nia, and Ben, we were there for two days", Annabelle continued.

"I came on the  first day they stayed, Dr. Liama hit me with a needle, and put my blood in Kaima and become a mutant", said Aunt Mina.

"What are your powers?" asked Myaleka.

"Animal transformation", said Aunt Mina.

Aunt Mina turns into a cat, Jasmine takes a picture of her, the others smile, and turns back to normal.

"Can you turn into something more vicious?" asked Myaleka.

Aunt Mina turns into a wolf.

"So, what is our birthday going to be like?" asked Aunt Mina.

"You’ll see”, Annabelle smiled.

Day had turned into night.

Kina, Annabelle,  Aunt Mina,and Marvin in the backyard with streamers, a sign that says ‘Happy Birthday’, there’s presents, food, and drinks on different tables.

Myaleka and Myleka are looking in the mirror, while Jasmine is helping them with their dresses like their models.

Myaleka is wearing a blue dress with a white lily in her head, and red heels.

Myleka is wearing a green dress with a headband, green heels, and two bracelets with symbols of magic on it.

“Perfect, now go enjoy your party”, said Jasmine.

“Thanks, Aunt Jasmine!” exclaimed Myaleka and Myleka.

“Anytime”, Jasmine winked.

Myaleka and Myleka run into the backyard.

“They are so cute”, said Jasmine, seeing Myaleka and Myleka getting seven kisses on the forehead by Aunt Mina.

At  that moment, May and Kell first show up.

“Nice to see you too again”, said May.

“You too”, said Myaleka.

“You look cute, Myleka”, said Kell, blushing.

“I do”, said Myleka, blushing.

Jasmine takes a picture, and says “Such a cute couple”.

“Aunt Jasmine!” Myleka blushed from embarrassment.

Soon, Percy, Harmony, Marcus, Ka Mary, Jack, Comiclover23, and Dot appear along with their parents.

One woman has the same hair as Charlie, wearing an outfit for an inventor. Her name is Starlight. She is the mother of Charlie and Comiclover23.

Another woman has white spiky hair, wearing a white dress holding a glob/scepter. She is Kell's mother named Light Aina, behind her right next to her is two men with white hair, wearing winter soldier uniform.

The man on Aina's right is Kell's father, Dave jr.

The man on Aina's left is Dave Sr.

There's a woman has brown hair, wearing a cape, white shirt, blue skirt, white boots with stars with the form of a star system. Her name is Light Tina, she is mother of Percy and May. 

Dot’s mother and father has light red hair, wearing matching brown shirt, pants, and shoes. Her dad’s name is William. Her mom’s name is Sophia.

Marcus mother has curly hair, wearing a red jumpsuit and shoes. Her name is Meaghan.

Last, three men in blue, yellow, and red outfit. Their name is Harold, Dan, and Timmy. Their parents of Ka Mary.

After they appeared, Mina reaches into her pocket made a staff appear, and with the staff she made a stage appear  with a microphone.

“Welcome everybody to Myaleka and Myleka’s birthday, parents and friends, I’m Mina Amadell, Myaleka and Myleka’s aunt”, said Mina. “And today we are going on an adventure, that I know all of you will love”.

Annabelle reaches into her pocket, raises a key in the air, and says “Open a hole into the world and lead to an adventure”.

Annabelle’s eyes turn yellow, her hands glow, the key starts levitating, and then a swirly portal open.

“Mom is this safe?” asked Harmony, looking at Annabelle.

“Of course, I tried it before”, said Annabelle, holding the portal.

Everybody enters the portal and Annabelle let’s go landing in Marvin’s arms.

Marvin helps her in the portal.

Mina, Myaleka, and Myleka are the last ones to go through the portal.


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