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At her job, Aunt Mina is in a conference room with Samlina, when a man from the office next door tells her, she's got a phone call.

Aunt Mina goes to the phone, and says "Hello. What? I'm on my way".

Samlina comes out of the conference room and asks "What's wrong?" 

"My nieces passed out and their teacher is asking me to come pick them up", said Aunt Mina. "Can you please tell Mr. Calcus, that I'll be a little late?"

"Can't you get one of your sister's friends to take care of them?" asked Samlina.

Before Aunt Mina could answer that, she sees she got a text from Dr. Liama.

"On second thought, your right, but I still won't be able to relax until I see their cute faces", said Aunt Mina, then puts her phone up.

"Fine, but I'm coming with you, let's go", said Samlina, taking Aunt Mina's hand.

They exit out of the building and get in a blue Toyota 2000 that has wings on the top.

Samlina puts the car on 'T' for Teleport, and they disappear.

In the nurse's office, Myaleka opens her eyes early, seeing May Lin at the edge of the bed, that she is sitting on.

“Myaleka, you’re awake”, sighed May Lin.

“Yeah, where’s Myleka?” asked Myaleka, looking around the office.

“Your sister is in my son's office”, answered the nurse.

The nurse's name is Dr. Liama.

“How am I… a mutant, be honest did you know my parents?” asked Myleka, in the other room.

“Of course, I'm Charlie, my mom was friends  with your mother. I'm sorry I never visit. But, I was always busy”, Charlie revealed.

Charlie is revealed to be a boy has brownish black hair, wearing a red jacket, black shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.

“I feel sorry, I didn’t know about you, who's your mother?” Myleka apologizes to Charlie.

“Dr. Liama, so your just experiencing your powers”, replied Charlie, holding a clipboard.

“Dr. Liama, wait I thought...oh, you're adopted", said Myleka. "Can you tell me was my mom… a mutant?” asked Myleka.

Charlie nodded, acknowledging that Aunt Mina kept their mother’s life a secret.

Myleka gives a depressed look on her face, so 

Charlie lifts her head.

Myleka sees Charlie pick a book from a small library behind him.

“I’m going to tell you a tale of a very special mutant”, Charlie revealed.

The same thing is happening to Myaleka.

Both Dr. Liama and Charlie explain Myaleka and Myleka’s Mom/Kiama gets hit by a meteor at the beach.

Kaima’s DNA mix with the mutation, she gets help with Dr. Liama.

She went through many crazy stuff with her friends: Annabelle, Jasmine, Marvin and Kina, also her sister: Mina, her mom and dad: Rose and Steve.

Kaima has boyfriend, Ben that she marries when she is 17.

Kaima for two years is stuck in a cave, where she gets the power of immortality in-between being there she time travels.

After returning, Kaima reveals she has new powers that could destroy the Earth.

Kaima with her friend help the world deal with the magic/supernatural incident.

An aliens vs humans war interrupts Kaima and Ben's wedding.

When Myaleka and Myleka were still babies, Kaima gets a call from the world leaders for in-between Mars and Earth.

Kaima has to leave her babies to Mina, and her friends and Ben is taken to a different place with the great protector of time.

So, Annabelle, Jasmine, Kina, and Marvin helps Mina to take care of Myaleka and Myleka at their best abilities.

At 15, Kaima met Greek gods and goddesses during the magic/science fiction come to life incident.

Kaima, Annabelle, Kina, Ben, and Marvin get magic objects that give them extreme power.

Kaima got sent a boarding school, where she lives with great Greek gods and goddesses, in-between this she is given a mission to project an egg that also gave her immortality as an award, but it would also kill her.

Then, the story ends.

"My mom was Kaima Amadell?!" asked Myaleka and Myleka, shocked.

"Indeed", said Charlie and Dr. Liama.

Dr. Liama teleports Charlie and Myleka with her and Myaleka.

"Hey, mom, did everything go well?" Charlie asks Dr. Liama.

"It would appear I have put her in shock", answered Dr. Liama.

"I seemed to have done the same", said Charlie.

Myaleka and Myleka for two minutes are looking like puppets, when a trail of ice and fire appear around Dr. Liama and Charlie, then Myaleka and Myleka start floating again.

"Don't worry Charlie, I got this", said Dr. Liama, with a needle in her hand.

At that time, Kell comes into the room with two drinks.

Myleka sees Kell, stops glowing and stops floating.

Kell turns into a giant wolf and catches Myleka, then changes back.

"You're a Wolfkin?" asked Myleka.

Kell nodded.

May whistles at Myaleka, Myaleka sees her sister is calm, and lands by May.

"You okay?" asked May.

"Am I okay? Am I okay? I have fire power! Sweet!" exclaimed Myaleka.

"And I have ice powers, this is awesome, and the greatest discovery of my life", said Myleka.

Dr. Liama claps, while Charlie is writing down everything that has happened.

"That's good, but we need to fix the mess, Myaleka? Myleka?" Dr. Liama pointed out.

"Sorry, but I don't know how to fix that", Myaleka admitted.

"But, your sister does", Dr. Liama figured out.

Myleka takes Myaleka's hand and says "Focus on a happy memory and the fire will go away, I'll do the same with the ice".

Dr. Liama moves May and Kell out of the way.

Myaleka and Myleka give off positive energy, which turns into blue auras in the shape of stars fixing their mess.

"Oh! So, their powers are based on their emotions", Charlie figured out.

"Yup, Just like their mother", said Dr. Liama.

"So, what now?" asked Myaleka.

"I already called one of your guardians, they will be here...right about now", answered Dr. Liama.

In a second, Marvin: a man who has short black hair, wearing a white shirt, black pants, and white shoes appear and Annabelle: a woman that has long smooth black hair, wearing a black dress carrying an umbrella along with Jasmine: a woman who has short hair dyed white on one side and pink on the other side, wearing white dress, and last,Kina: a woman with long silver/black hair, wearing a polka dot bike outfit on; all appear.

"My. My. My. I was hoping to get footage of you girls first sign of powers, but I missed it", said Jasmine, with a disappointed face.

"Jasmine, focus, we're supposed to be their guardians", said Kina.

"You all knew?" asked Myaleka.

"Sorry, we didn't tell you, but we wanted to wait until tonight since it's you'll birthday", said Marvin.

"Really? Why?" asked Myleka.

"A friend of ours predicted that your powers would be affective around you'll seventh birthday", said Annabelle.

"Okay, you owe us a big explanation and the birthday party better be good", said Myaleka.

"Yes, ma'am", said Jasmine. "Do you still love us?"

"For now", said Myaleka, and hugs Jasmine.

"How cute! Hold that pose", said Samlina, with a camera in front of her face and takes a picture.

"Aunt Samlina!" exclaimed Myleka, and hugs Samlina.

"Myaleka, Myleka, are you okay?" asked Aunt Mina, worried, on her knees hugging Myaleka and Myleka.

"We're okay, but we want you to promise no more secrets", said Myleka.

"I promise, and to prove it", said Aunt Mina, she makes her cat ears and tail appear.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Myaleka and Myleka.

"By taking my sister's blood, I became a mutant as well", said Aunt Mina.

"Aunt Mina, will mom ever come home?" asked Myleka.

"Knowing her definitely she loves her family and that includes you too", said Aunt Mina.

"I agree", said Kina.

Myaleka and Myleka send their friends invitations to their party and leave out of the school. 


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