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So. Have you heard of twins, you know two siblings that look exactly alike, but act differently sometimes.

Well, I have a special story about two siblings who are twins, they live in a normal town around the time 2050, twenty years after the Humans vs Aliens war.

In this town, there is a big tower, prisoners that holds mostly masterminds, some of them are immigrants,normal, and a child.

There are mansions, regular houses, and a school in the middle, where the big tower is twenty feet away from the school.

Now to the home of the twins, a purple brick house designed like a mansion.

Upstairs, there's the room with a bunk bed, where the twins are sleeping, when the sunlight from the curtain comes on the face of the twin on the bottom bunk.

That twin has straight black hair kind of sophisticated, wearing a red pajamas, who's started to open her eyes. 

That twin crawls up to the ladder, where her sister is sleeping.

This twin has long black hair kind of spiky, wearing blue pajamas.

The first twin taps on her sister's shoulder, which made her turn away.

The twin tries to wake up her sister again, her sister turns away again.

The first twin screams into her sister’s ear, sounding like a bird.

The second twin wakes up, saying “Myleka, what the heck!”

“Myaleka, it’s time for school, and if you think about going back to sleep. Aunt Mina is making her famous peach pancakes”, Myleka told Myaleka with a smile.

Myleka climbs down, then Myaleka tries to jump down instead she’s flying.

“What the?”questioned Myaleka, seeing herself levitating.

Myleka looks up in awe, climbs back up the ladder, and grabs her sister.

Myaleka lands on her pillow slowly, having the biggest smile on her face.

“Myaleka, are you okay?” asked Myleka, concerned.

Myaleka stops smiling, and says “Did you see me? I was flying in the air”.

“Yes, I saw, it defies all logic”, Myleka answered, acknowledging what he saw.

“How? People have discovered the technology to fly, except I didn’t use technology”, Myaleka realized.

Myaleka and Myleka hear their aunt call breakfast.

Myleka unknowingly runs fast as a cheetah downstairs, which scares Aunt Mina.

“How did you get here so fast?” asked Aunt Mina.

“Umm...the smell of delicious pancakes filled my interest and turned to speed”, Myleka lied.

Myleka twitched, showing she is lying.

Aunt Mina notice Myleka twitching, and asks “What's going on?”

“Nothing, just excited for school”, Myleka smiled, nervously.

“Okay, where’s your sister?” questioned Aunt Mina, suspicious.

“Here”, muffled Myaleka, with a mouth full of pancakes.

“Alright, well you better pick out your clothes for school, after your done with breakfast”, Aunt Mina reminds her nieces.

Aunt Mina has long brown hair in a bun, green eyes, wearing a business outfit, a bracelet with a UFO attached to it, a silver ring, and purple heels along with an apron, She is hiding her tail and cat ears.

Aunt Mina kisses her nieces on the head, holding a cup of coffee, and walks into the living room; sitting on the couch.

Myaleka with her fork grabs two pancakes, and puts into her mouth,while Myleka starts to eat her pancakes, while Myleka is gracefully cutting pancakes.

Myleka starts to eat her pancakes, when she sees a small bright green light coming from a coat on the kitchen counter.

“Aunt Mina, your phone is vibrating”, Myleka called.

Aunt Mina put her coffee down, pause her show, and walks into the kitchen; she gets her phone, and her coat, then goes back to her show.

Myaleka stands by her sister, showing her a holographic image of men and women with unique powers, known as mutants.

Myleka obviously recognized it, Myaleka guesses that she might be a mutant; a type of a mutant, that is born with the powers, which Myleka finds might be true.

Myleka grabs Myaleka’s hand, taking her upstairs, and pick out some clothes.

Myaleka puts on a white shirt, and blue shorts.

Myleka puts on a red shirt, and black skirt.

“So, what did you find out?” asked Myaleka.

“It rare, but most of the percent of mutants, earn their powers by radioactive energy or genetics”, Myleka explains, while showing a holographic images of mutants at young ages from 10 to 17.

“Does that mean our mother or father, is a mutant?” asked Myaleka.

Which Myleka was thinking too.

Together, they burst into laughter and walks downstairs.

By the door, there are two bookbags, one is blue and the other is green.

Myaleka takes the blue one, Myleka takes the green one, and they put on  their white sneakers.

Aunt Mina hugs Myaleka and Myleka, watching them walking to the bus stop.

Myleka pushes the ‘T’ on the bus stop sign, that teleports them in front of the school called Si-Haimi multi-school.

Before  Myaleka and Myleka enter the school, a shadow appears.

The person on the shadow, is a girl who has green hair, wearing a red shirt, dark blue jeans, and blue shoes. This girl’s leg leaning on a skateboard, and says “Hi”.

“Hello, I'm Myaleka, and this is my twin sister, Myleka”, said Myaleka, shaking the girl’s hand.

“I’m Fika Dem, I'll be your guide, come on, follow me”, Fika Dem tells them, as she opens the door.

Inside the school is a trophy case, gymnasium, along a hallway, and on the ceiling; there is painting of cartoon characters.

Myaleka reaches into her pocket, getting a camera is about to take a picture, when a flash blinded her, which makes her drop the camera.

The flash is shown to be coming from a blond girl wearing glasses, a red sweater with hearts, orange pants with stars, and boots, who’s holding a camera.

The girl smiles,shakes Myaleka and Myleka’s hand,and says “Hello, I'm Diamond Celler, owner and creator of Celler News, you must be new. It’s very nice to meet you”.

“You too, i’m Myleka and she’s my sister, Myaleka”, replied Myleka, rubbing her eyes.

“Twins, amazing. Do you everything together? What’s your favorite color? Don’t leave out any details”, Diamond Celler exclaimed, with a big smile, and taking a bunch of pictures.

“Myleka, could you answer these questions, please my eyesight is really bad right now?” asked Myaleka.

Myleka wipes her glasses, puts them on, and takes a deep breath.

“Yes, we do everything together, my favorite is blue, my sister’s is green, and we need to get to breakfast. Fika Dem, if you please”, answered Myleka, just as fast as Diamond Celler.

Myleka takes her sister’s hand, following Fika Dem to the cafeteria, which has a fountain, there are tubes, a stage, kids at two different sets of tables in group, 20 or more.

“It easy, just tap this blue button ask what you want to eat, and it will appear”, Fika demonstrated.

“Thank you”, Myaleka and Myleka said in unison.

“Your quite welcome, the kindergarten table is over there, bye Myaleka and Myleka”, Fika Dem waved away.

The kids at their table look at them with interest.

Myaleka and Myleka sit down, in-between a girl with short black hair, wearing a black jacket, grey t-shirt, green pants, and red shoes, and a boy with brown hair, wearing glasses, a scarf around his wrist, red hoodie, blue jeans, and blue shoes.

There’s also a girl with silver hair, wearing a phoenix-like gown, and moon-crescent shoes, a boy with brown/black heart-shaped hair, wearing a black shirt with yellow stripes, white pants, and golden sneakers.

A boy with red hair, wearing a red t-shirt with polka dots, midnight blue jacket, yellow pants, and black shoes with a boy with brown hair, has antennas, lizard eyes, wearing geet/white shirt, black pants, star-related shoes, and has a python tail.

“Twins, very rare”, said the silver-haired girl.

“I’m Harmony, it’s nice to meet you”, says A boy with red hair, shaking Myleka’s hand.

“I’m Comiclover23”, smiled A boy with brown hair, glasses, and kisses Myaleka on her hand as well as Myleka.

“I’m Ka Mary”, the silver-haired girl told them.

“I’m May Yin”, said a girl with short black hair.

“I’m Jack”, said a boy with the antennas.

“I’m Percy Yin”, A boy with black/brown heart-shaped hair told the twins.

“Well, I'm Myaleka and she’s Myleka”, replied Myaleka, to everybody at the table.

“Hi, Myaleka and Myleka”, greeted the kids.

“Are you kidding, I'm into all kinds of sports?!” Myaleka tells May.

“So, would like to play air hockey later?” asked May.

“Sure, I would love to”, Myaleka agreed.

“So, what are you interested in?” wondered Jack.

“Well, I love reading all forms of literature, I'm taking cooking lessons from my aunt, and I have unknown powers”, Myleka informs Jack.

The ‘unknown powers’ part, Myleka didn’t mean to say, this shocked everybody including Myaleka.

“You have powers?” questioned Jack, shocked.

“No way, prove it”, May replies in her head, which Myleka could hear.

“Myleka,why would you tell them that, then again you’re not always good at keeping a secret”, reacted  Myaleka, unexpectedly blurting out the truth.

“What is going on?” Myaleka is trying to acknowledged.

Myleka is running everything that’s happened in the last 3 minutes, and finds exactly what she’s looking for.

With a smile on her face, Myleka yells “Eureka!”

Luckily, this didn’t get the attention of the other kids in different grades at different tables.

“I have found an answer, Myaleka, we are in-deed mutants, and we are experiences truth out”, Myleka explains in a whisper, sitting down next to Myleka.

“Really? But how? All mutants have been killed or sent away since the great Alien vs Humans  war, why there’s only one mutant that survived”, admitted Comiclover23.

The next moment, they were in the hallway, carrying book bags toward the entrance.

“So, what are we to do first?” asked Myaleka.

“All kindergarteners go to the gym first, follow us”, May told Myaleka.

Inside the gym, there is normal features, except a red carpet, a stage, flowers, and a sign that says ‘welcome’.

Other kids are in a line facing the stage like their in a trance.

“It’s an illusion, back up friends and sister”, Myleka acknowledged.

But, Myaleka looks anyway, which results in her mind creating an illusion of a castle on the planet Neptune.

But, it wasn’t really an illusion, it’s a vision of a woman with long, curly black hair, wearing a purple dress inside a tube filled with green liquid, who’s asleep.

After seeing this, Myaleka tries to bring this to her sister’s attention, but Myleka already sees it, which is about the time the teacher appear.

The vision ends with the space princess saying “Wake up”.

In real life, the teacher is trying to wake them up by using shock bars.

Myaleka and Myleka wake up, breathing slowly as they gasp.

“Thank goodness, you’re okay, we’ve tested the illusion-inator and it hasn’t had this kind of affect”, The teacher relieved.

The teacher is revealed to be a man with blond hair, wearing a camo jacket, a yellow shirt, blue shorts, has a whistle around his neck, and wears sandals.

“We’re fine, it didn’t do any permanent damage”, Myleka reassures the teacher.

“Great, maybe y’all should go see the nurse”, The teacher tells them.

“No, really we’re fine, we insist”, Myaleka replied.

The teacher thought about it for a minute and agrees to let Myaleka and Myleka stay in his class.

“Well, now that this is settled. Welcome to gym class, children, i’m Coach K. Whale, this class is not for the faint-hearted”, greeted Coach K. Whale.

“So, if you asthma sit on the stage, if you have so much as a small cold to the box, any people with broken limbs take the stairs to the stage, and if you get nosebleeds go to the stage on your right”, Coach K. Whale instructed.

Coach K. Whale blows his whistle, and says ‘Now, all of those people go, and no tricks I read your profile, so I can tell if any of you are lying”.

Three kids go on the stage, one person goes in the box, and four climbs the stairs on their crutches.

“Also, before we start, I know there are some of you, who are blind, deaf, and/or have autism, I haven’t forgotten about you, each of you will have a partner by last names”, Coach K. Whale announced.

The who’s blind is assigned with May Yin, the boy who has autism is with Jack, and last the boy who’s deaf is with Myleka.

Soon, Coach K. Whale grabs his blue clipboard revealing he has a class assignment, three different groups will be working on an exercise routine.

The first group will be running laps inside, the second group will be doing push ups, and the third group will be testing their strength.

In the first group is Myleka, the boy who’s deaf, Harmony, and Percy Yin.

In the second group is Jack, Comiclover23, the boy who has autism, and Ka Mary.

In the third group is Myaleka, the girl who’s blind name is Daisy, May Yin, Dot, Devin, and Marcus.

Dot has red hair, freckles, wearing a brown hoodie, blue pants, and black sneakers.

Devin has short pink hair, braces, wearing shades on his head, blue shirt, grey jeans, and red sneakers.

Marcus has brown hair, earplugs with a phone in his pocket, black hoodie, red jeans, and blue sneakers.

Daisy, the girl who’s blind has black hair, silver necklace, wearing a red shirt with long sleeves, pink skirt, and red heels.

The boy who has autism/Andy has red hair in a hawk form, wearing a ring with the words H.P. on it, a green shirt with a picture with a castle on it, green pants, and black shoes.

The boy who’s deaf has a black jacket, ribbon-like shirt, square-like pants, and shoes.

So, the assignment begins.

Myleka holds the boy who’s deaf hands, and asks “What’s your name?” in sign language.

“You know sign language,i’m Kell  Boat”, Kell smiled.

“Oh! I’m Myleka, nice to meet you, ready to run”, Myleka greeted Kell.

Kell nodded in agreement.

Myleka and Kell wait for the whistle, and them along with the rest of the group run around.

Harmony catches up, and ask in whisper “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, the fainting was just a fluke”, Myleka tells Harmony in a whisper.

“You two do realize I'm right here”, Kell brought to their attention. 

“Right, it’s just that my sister and I have experience with mutant powers, that we can’t control”, Myleka admitted in sign language.

“Whoa! Does anybody else knows about this?” asked Kell.

Myleka points to everybody, who knows about her mutant powers.

Kell can tell Myleka is describing everything that happened and what kind of power, she knows she has.

Kell and Myleka enjoyed running around the room, that they didn’t notice their running at the speed of the cheetah, which caught everybody’s attention, especially Coach K. Whale.

“Miss Amadell and Mr. Boat!” called Coach K. Whale, in surprise.

Kell and Myleka stop running, when they notice that their blushing at each other.

“What’s wrong, Coach K. Whale?” asked Myleka.

“Miss Amadell, you and Mr. Boat were running twenty miles per second across the room, care to explain”, Coach K. Whale pointed out.

“Ummm…”, Myleka and Kell replied nervously.

Dot brings to Coach K. Whale’s attention a melted dumbbell.

“How? Who?” questioned Coach K. Whale, sounding like a kid.

Dot pointed to Myaleka, who is smiling nervously.

Coach K. Whale was so worried that he didn’t notice Myaleka and Myleka followed by them yelling in pain.

Since, Coach K. Whale wasn’t paying attention, Kell took Myleka and May took Myaleka to the nurse’s office.

The glowing cause the twins to fall unconscious as they are put in the office.

“Will they be okay?” asked May Yin.

“Of course, their young, so I doubt there is any permanent damage, I will check their DNA”, a boy insisted.

“Do you want to stay or do you want to go back to class?” asked the nurse.

“We want to stay to make sure they're okay”, Kell decided.

May Yin agrees with Kell.

The nurse and the boy smile at how much Kell and Myleka, even though she doesn’t know much about them.


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