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I have my head full of alcohol,
I'm sorry, I'm feeling dizzy.
My bones are cushioned under the skin.
  But I will take another beer.

I spin myself in the same place,
Where I cannot find the exit.
Someone to release my pain
That left me deepest traces.

  Left alone,
I have nothing more to do.
  They are trying now to wake me up
With their strong coffee.

I hear voices,
Trying to pull them out,
Then I realized that her voice
Still sounds in my head.

  Someone to bring her here,
I can only be healed if she appears. 
She chases away my demons and leaves me safe. 
I think she was my guardian angel in another life.

  I was left alone, I need her now,
Even if I'm drunk,
I can't forget anything about her.

They say she left me for someone else,
But I think it's just a fairytale this stuff.
She wouldn't hurt me even if I prayed.
I don't know why, but I think she loves me.

I throw my head over the pillow trying to sleep,
But the image with it runs over my eyes.
I don't know what's going on with me right now,
But I'll find out about it, tomorrow. 
Maybe it's the alcohol's fault
Or it's about my story.


  • Mar 04, 2020

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