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We don't want school
We want to swim in our pool
We want to leave
We want to breathe

Let us free
Just let us be
Let us think
No burn and sink

Now let us go
Or the only thing you'll know
Is us breaking you down
Getting you out of this town

What? You dont know what to do?
This is what you put us through
Now sit and do your work
While we observe

Time for an exam
You should make a plan
You're going through stress
Yea it's not the best

You got problems in your brain
You're going insane
We've all been through it man
Wasnt that your plan

A lion never loses sleep
Over the opinions of sheep
Well we're not lions
And that's by defiance

We dont know why
You want to cry
We'll just sit here and laugh
As you figure out math

Didnt you make the subject
See, that's something you can't object
Because you teach us this thing
But we just wait for the bell to ring

We'd be much smarter if we didnt use
Something useless like you
You keep our intelligence to yourself
But not only that, what about mental health

What were you thinking while doing this
We lost emotion. That's what we miss
Now you are put under pressure
A pressure nothing can measure

We're trying to deal with depression
And all of those therapy sessions
You didnt know about
All the people you're stressing out

We lay in bed every night
Trying to fight
Against what you
Make us do

Everyone will taunt
My insecurities haunt
I try to keep it inside
And you don't mind

It's only because you like the might
That you'll never let us see the light
Blinded with some mist
And all the cuts on my wrist

Most of us commit suicide
You're not even aware they died
Hung from a roof
With that horribly made noose

Some parents care about work
A's with some stupid smirk
They kill their child like that
Basically treating them like rats

The child loses their parents this way
"Work" is all they say
And then they dont do good enough
And the parents words get kind of rough

It's you against all the children
So it's plain logic that you can't win
Logic. Something you didnt teach us
You made our logic rust

Logic is seen as smart
But smart people only have a broken heart
They're always seen as brats
Cmon what's up with that

People leave them as an outcast
Without knowing their past
And that adds to who they are
Each word makes another scar

They have pressure you can't handle
Imagine them being like a candle
If you cut the oxygen to it
It'll go out because it doesn't fit

And every words takes more oxygen
Candle out. They can't win
And then we come
To the inevitable dumb

Its not that they have no brain
It's too much work driving them insane
And people that are weird
Like a woman with a beard

It's their genes making them this way
So just remember that okay?
And then the people who are normal
Who just act casual and formal

The smart dumb and weird have to fight
To keep their tiny candles alight
Oh wait I forgot this one
After the list is done

The next is the silent
Who can act so violent
They sit while everyone talks
Gathering their own thoughts

So school it's your turn
Not to be of our concern
Now we'll leave you alone
While we just calmly go home

Never again will we come to you
We just want something else to do
As we walk through that gate
We already fell less fake


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    Mar 03, 2020

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