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I let her go deep into my soul 
To wander through my heart.  
I let her thaw 
 Breaking the lock. 

 She traveled through my darkness 
Until she found the light.
She burned my feelings
And then she chose to fight. 

 She always had a side of her 
That she didn't like to show me.
She said that nowadays,
 It is a weakness to love somebody.  

She behaved like a serial killer, 
First she healed me inside, 
Then poisoned me 
With her deceptive action. 

 She ran through my veins, 
Winning all the games, 
She is now laughing
 About my bitter tears. 

 I let her wander through my thoughts,
 After all it was all I had. 
 I let her control me 
But together we lost the control. 

 Maybe I have to pay for everything
 The others have done,
 Maybe I have to go through the fire
 To enjoy the last rain.  

I can't imagine her a bad character, 
Maybe I wasn't the right person.  
With the last powers I called the name, 
I can't believe she's gone
 With everything was mine.


  • Mar 03, 2020

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