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Returning always to the places
Where we still belong,
We cannot be fooled
By the distance that separates our souls.

Memories flow in slow motion,
And your kisses still burn on the skin,
I wonder when this torment will end?

  Telling me to have more patience
Leaves me breathless,
Tears can no longer be controlled.

  We spent a lot of time together,
Now I hear your voice only through the phone.
  I would be able to run all these kilometers
Until I get to you.

The distance keeps me insane.
I need you now.
  I tell you I'm fine just not to worry,
But I feel a huge void.
Nothing can fill my loneliness.

Every time I call you,
I hope you will tell me
That you will come home the next day.

I hold my breath,
The pain is too deep,
I can no longer find the power to hide.

Sleeping nights with your pillow in my arms
And your strong perfume in the room,
Make this distance between us disappear.

Looking at the clock on the wall,
I get the impression that time has frozen. 
Please lover, get home faster.


  • Mar 03, 2020

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