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JoJo like to talk and talk. He would ruin his surprises other people surprises when it was his sister's birthday he would tell her what her surprise was JoJo would not stop loving his mouth then one day he you had a bag and he brought it to school and he drugged it in the closet the next day his friends asked him what that was that he put in the closet he said I can't tell you his friends were very surprised well then the next day he wasn't telling very many people secrets so his friends were starting to trust him a little more so therefore they told him many more secrets but see before when they told him a secret he told everyone that the secret was that his teacher had a tattoo by her armpit and JoJo went told everybody so the next morning his teacher kind of school embarrassed she wore her clothes inside out she was late to class and she would have kept forgetting that homework


  • I like it

    Mar 03, 2020

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