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     Hidden within every new piece of technology—"smart" devices in particular—one can find two things that are unnecessary for use of the device: a microphone and a microchip. 

     The microphone does what any microphone does, blocking out white noise in order to pick up that of a human voice. The microchip does a little bit more however. It acts as a tracker, giving the location of the device, and as way to transmit the information being recorded at all times to wherever in the world. No, there isn't somebody listening to every person's conversation at all times. That is a mere rumor that only the self-entitled, arrogant millennial will and does believe to be the case. Newsflash: you're not important and neither are your opinions. Neither are mine for that matter. 

     Rather, these conversations are stored and kept for future use. In a future case that you are indicted for a crime, this info will be released and used against you. 

     We are told that we need this surveillance and control to fight crime and fight terrorism. Those in power are always wanting to fight everything. So they create the right circumstances that cause the crime that they can then fight. It's all one big game of "Problem-Reaction-Solution."

     Apart from the few who are criminal by programmed nature, the major causes of the crime we must fight are:

     —Violence and Theft to feed a drug addiction. Drug addiction caused by those who run the drug trafficking networks, as well as the 92% of the 13,000 drug rehabs in America that follow the 12-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

     —Violence and Theft by those with no job and no hope—the people who attack the system in ironic stupidity with violence and theft amongst those other victims of the system in their neighborhood. Those responsible for making a soulless, divisive, and unjust system are the very people who claim we need more surveillance and control to fight crime. 

     —Violence and Theft due to greed, and to steal the latest clothes, car, or gadget they can't afford. The myth that success can be judged by possessions, which encourages that human greed is sold to us by the very people who have created the system and run the trafficking of drugs and humans, as well as the recovery centers—the biggest criminals of all, the people who claim we need more surveillance and control to fight crime. 

     If you look at all the causes of crime, you will see that the majority is linked to upbringing and experience connected to the structure of society and manipulation of those in power. These individuals are the main force behind today's producer of fear, global terrorism, who also orchestrate the vast majority of it, are the very people who claim we need more surveillance and control to fight terrorism. 


     The More You (Don't) Know: When powering off most cell phones, it also switches on the phone tracking microchip and microphone, so you are tracked and recorded even when you think you're safe. 


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