Lovers In A Different Dimension Ch.2 Read Count : 11

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I woke up in a different room, much darker, where I see the mysterious figure as a boy who has dark blue hair that is long and straight, wearing a black suit with red eyes and shows fangs.

"Well, hello, my little angel", said the boy.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"My, my, I love drunk boy", said the boy. "My name is Tituo".

The boy appears fast as lightning by my side, and puts his finger on my chin; then says "Your blood smells interesting".

"Get off", I said, sending a white aura that splits into energy beams and hits Tituo and he falls to the floor.

Tituo gets up, looks at me, and says "My, my, he's strong too".

'He must be a vampire, I can tell by his eyes', I thought, while looking at Tituo.

Tituo walks up to me, and tries to test my powers.

I spread my wings, Tituo knocks me down, he tries to hypnotize me with his red eyes.

"It's okay, sweetie, it'll be over soon", said Tituo.

"Let me go", I struggled, but the eyes were too hard to look away.

Tituo sticks his fangs in my neck, which made me feel pain for a second.

"Aaaah!" I groaned, feeling something strange, and my face was blushing.

"Does misunderstand, I'm in pain", I said, trying not to groan.

Tituo starts sucking my blood, seeing me moan, then leaves two marks.

"So, sweet", said Tituo. "What's your name?"

"K…" I stopped.

'I have to disguise my true identity otherwise people will get suspicious', I thought.

"My name is Angel", I lied.

"Angel, what a lovely name, tell me do you have a lover", said Tituo.

Hearing that, I tried to move, but Tituo stopped me, and says "It was that other boy with you, wasn't it?"

"What did you do?" I asked, with a strong wind coming from me, which changes into purple energy.

"Dear, he's fine, just with a colleague of mine", said Tituo, as he drains the purple energy.

"If he bites my friend, I will make you and him suffer", I said, with my eyes glowing.

"Don't worry, he's too friendly to do that, Angel", Tituo smiled.

In the basement , there is a boy who has long blonde hair, wearing a red suit, and red shoes with Mariah dancing together and listening to music.

"So, what did you say your name is?" asked Mariah.

"I'm Kisu, pleasure to meet you", said Kisu, with a smile.

"Tell me, Kisu, about your friend: Tituo", said Mariah.

"He's a vampire that will go after any boy, which...means…" Kisu told Mariah, then turned to Mariah seeing her with a dark aura.

"He better not make a move on my boy", said Mariah.

"He probably is", said Kisu.

At that moment, Tituo got knocked down from the ceiling, I landed by him, and turned to see Mariah.

Mariah and I hugged each other.

"That is one odd guy, but I like it", whispered Tituo, while Kisu is by him.

"Let's get out of here", said Mariah.

A blue aura centers around us and sends us back into Arima's mansion, in the living room, where Clay and Arima are playing a game of cards.

"I was wondering why it was so quiet", said Clay.

"Thanks for caring if anything happened to us", I said, sarcastically.

"Please, Kisu and Tituo are harmless, even in vampire terms", Arima smiled.

"I did date Tituo once he is definitely too much for me, but he does make a good buddy in my terms", replied Clay.

"How about instead of focusing on that, I show you the outside of the mansion", Chisu suggested.

Mariah and I immediately agree with Chisu's idea, since he is the only normal one we know.

Outside, there is a lovely garden with Rose's, white lilies, bushes, trees, and a gate.

"Chisu, you have a lovely garden", Mariah complimented.

"Thank you", said Chisu, with a smile. "So, are you two young ladies or adults?" 

"How young, and here I thought by your attitudes you were much older, I'm sorry, I gave you wine", Toro assumed.

"It's okay, it tasted good", I smiled. "Along with the chocolate croissants".

"So, who's the other people in this mansion?" asked Mariah.

"Actually, there's not that many, besides mistress Arima, Clay, Chisu, and I", said Toro.

"So, Chisu cleans this whole place by himself and you cook on your own?" I questioned.

"Well, we also get help from the cooking and cleaning robots, so not all on our own", said Chisu.

"Okay, can somebody show us around town?" Mariah asks anybody.

A hand taps Mariah's shoulder.

Mariah turns to see Clay.

"Hi, wouldn't mind doing that", said Clay.

"Finished your game of cards already?" asked Chisu.

"Yup, full house again", said Clay, with a smile, showing off his cards.

"Would mistress Arima be okay with this?" asked Chisu.

"She's the one that suggested it", Clay told us. "So?"

"I guess if she suggested it, let's go", said Toro, shrugging his shoulder. 

A few minutes later, we went with clay.

Clay showed us a bakery, show some clothing stores, a bridge, a lake, and many places beyond that.

"This place is really neat", said Mariah.

"Isn't it though? I grew up in this neighborhood, which was not easy", said Clay. "But, once I found my hobby and the mansion, I was able to find peace".

"How old are you?" I asked.

"I am sixteen, a high schooler, but I was kicked out, for illegal gambling", said Clay.

"You admit something like that with a smile", I said, with a shocked look on my face.

"I have no shame in it, angel or should I call you, Kanisha", said Clay, with a devilish smile.

I pulled him away, and said "Our identities of being females are supposed to be secret".

"So, we stick with Angel for you", said Clay, looking at me.

"What about you?" Clay asks Mariah.

"Mari", answered Mariah, then looked at me.

"Also, you might want to change your attitudes as well, you seem too feminine", Clay tells Mariah and I.

"What's wrong with that, I like boys with minds of a girl", said Kiki, with a smile.

Kiki has long red hair, wearing a blue dress, and heels with another girl with red hair, wearing a blue skirt, white shirt, and heels.

The other girl's name is Tiffany.

Kiki observes Mariah and I, and says "You two must be new, I'm Kiki, and first rule of this town, never trust Clay".

Kiki moves us away from Clay.

"I assure you I was just showing Angel and Mari around town", said Clay, with a playful smile.

"Why?" asked Kiki, suspicious.

"Arima wanted me to", said Clay.

"So, you didn't try to make on either of them?" Kiki asks Clay.

"Excuse me, we're right here", I pointed out.w

"Sorry, you're Angel?" asked Kiki apologizes.

"I am, What's up with your friend, she looks a little red?" I asked, referring to Tiffany.

"That's my twin sister, she's kind of shy", said Kiki.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Mari", said Mariah, holding out her hand.

"I'm T...T.. Tiffany", said Tiffany, nervously.

"No need to be nervous, we're very friendly, I'm Angel", I said, holding out my hand.

"It's not that, it's just…" said Tiffany.

"What?" asked Mariah and I.

"I get nervous around cute guys", said Tiffany, trying not to face us.

"Oh!" We blushed.

"So, those kinds of girls", Clay whispered.

"Say, Mari, Angel, you want to see our school?" asked Kiki.

"Uh…" we replied, but she took our hands, and led us to a tall building with a lovely field behind it.

"Welcome to C.T.V's high school", said Kiki.

"Good, we need to know we needed to know where the place is", said Mariah.

"You're going to school here?" asked Tiffany, behind Kiki.

"Because we're high schoolers too", said Mariah.

"We were seen highly talented that we skipped a grade I said. 

Now what do you do," asked kiki.

I'm a book author," I said.

"I'm a book author manga artist and a writer", said mariah

"I sold four", I said 

 "I sold two", said Mariah.

"Could you show us?" asked Clay.

We would love to,but I left my bag at home",said Mariah .

I noticed my hand started glowing and I made a book appear, once I saw the title I was shocked.

Tiffany pointed to the book that I made appear,and says "Then,what's that?"

"Oops! I forgot about this,"I gave a nervous smile.

I handed it to kiki.

In-between kiki was reading the book,I was about to ask why,but the answer was represented in front of me.

The answer is a boy who has brown hair, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, a brae, holding a paintbrush. His name is Jake.

Behind him is a boy who has blonde hair, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and playing a guitar. His name is Jeff.

"You like him?" I asked Tiffany.

"Which one? The one with the guitar or the one with the paint brush", Mariah asks Tiffany.

"The one with the paint brush", Kiki whispered.

"I thought you were reading", I whispered.

"I saw my sister in distress", Kiki whispers back. "She's been in love with him since summer break".

"Oh, where'd she go?" I asked, realizing Tiffany had disappeared.

"Darn it, she always does that", Kiki complained. "I'll go find her".

Jake and Jeff see us and wave hello.

"Are you you two new?" asked Jeff.

"We are, I'm Angel and he's Mari", I said.

"I'm Jake, and he's Jeff", said Jake.

"It's nice to meet you", said Mariah, said Mariah, with a smile.

"You too", said Jake.

Jeff and I glance at each other, then smile.

"So, we were going to get some smoothies to spare time, you want to join us?" Jake offered.

"Sure", I said.

"That would be lovely", said Mariah.

"I'm glad to hear that", said Jeff.

A few minutes later, Jeff, Jake, Mariah and I were drinking smoothies together, when we noticed a lot of eyes on us..

"Uh...Jake? Jeff? May I ask why everybody is looking at us, we're not from here", I asked, feeling awkward.

"Oh! I'm a famous musician and he's a famous artist", Jeff revealed, as he takes a break from his smoothie.

"I get it", said Mariah.

"But, should we be public?" I asked.

"Don't worry, nothing like that will happen", said Jake.

"Why?" we asked.

Jeff raises a hand that shows five fingers, four, three, two, and one.

After he puts the last finger down, two shadows appear behind all of us, and says "Found you".

One of the shadows shows a man who has smooth black hair, wearing a blue suit with sunglasses. His name is Al.

The other shadow is a man who has long silver hair, wearing a white suit. His name is Sato.

Al takes Jeff's hand and takes him out of the shop.

Sato gets on his knees and hugs Jake, then says with a sad child-like face "I was so worried".

"Sato! Sato! Please, you're embarrassing me", said Jake.

"You deserved that, I was looking everywhere for you", Sato replies, as he gets up.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause you distress, I just wanted to hang out with Jeff, will you forgive me?" Jake apologized.

Sato hugs Jake, and says "Of course, l do, after all I'm your manager".

"Okay, we should leave", said Mariah.

"Good idea", I agreed.

"Wait! I didn't get to give you my phone number", said Jake. "Can you please put me down, Sato".

Sato let's go of Jake, Jake gives us his number and we gave him ours.

"Seems like our phones appeared with us", I whispered to Mariah, as we walked out of the door with Jake and Sato.

"Yeah, and it seems this place is exactly like what I drew, so that part of our wish came true, except the mansion, Chisu, Toro, Clay, and Arima, also Jake and Jeff", Mariah whispers back. "Kiki and Tiffany I wrote about as the main characters, along with Tituo and Kisu, the series was supposed to be about twin sisters that enter the world of vampires, the good and bad".

"Intriguing, but why has the story changed?" I asked in a whisper, while waving goodbye to Jake, who's going into the car with Sato.

"Well, our wish was to be able to visit the place I drew, but not to see how people live in the world", Mariah realizes, still whispering.

"So unfair, now I want that after we get Jeff's phone number", I whispered.

Jeff tapped my shoulder, and says " I was able to get away from Al for a while, here's my phone number".

We sent Jeff our number.

Jeff sees Al with a limousine.

Jeff sighs and says "I have to go, hope I see you both at my concert".

Jeff gets into the limousine, waves goodbye to us, and we waved back.

"You know at first, I hated the thought of being stuck here, but now I kind of like it, even if we are boys", Mariah admitted.

Clay comes and says "There you are, I was looking for you two all day, where did you go?"

"We were meeting two new friends", said Mariah.

"Great, I got somewhere special to show you", Clay smiled.

"I don't like that idea", I whispered.

"I assure you, you two will be safe, besides you have powers of an angel and devil", Clay tells us.

We looked at each other and finally nodded.


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