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Warming: The information revealed in this post is highly disturbing and will shatter the world's of those hearing such things for the first time. The most disturbing part in my opinion is not so much the acts and rituals—though they are extremely horrific—but the fact that this occurs right before our eyes, yet even when aware of what is happening, or at least having a bad feeling about it, nobody chooses to do anything, not wanting to get involved. This needs to end. 


     With the Archons of the Demiurge possessing the bodies of humans, particularly those in power, such as the Roman Catholic Church, not only sacred religious texts were changed, but nearly all of human history. They do not want us to remember what we truly are and the abilities inherent in all of us that has been suppressed. We are beings of love and empathy, of that which this Demiurge cannot feel because it has never known. 

     Before I reveal the atrocities taking place all over the world, I want to state what I believe to be the ultimate solution for taking the world back. However, after reading this, you will see how unlikely and nearly impossible it will be. I believe it is compassion and sympathy for those poor souls that have willingly or unwillingly given themselves to this dark force that will exterminate it from our world. It sounds simple, but that will change soon. 

     First, before going into this harrowing information as a skeptic or this is all a hoax or something blown out of proportion, know that there is a lot of false information out there, yes, and it is created through highly-paid individuals who create and spread disinformation around. I am not one of these greedy bastards. I am inherently a skeptic, questioning and researching everything that presents itself before me. I've been banned from various sites, without any warning or reason, for revealing this information. The psychopathic corporate elitists do not want it out there. 

     Everyone knows about the lavish, decadent and highly-expensive parties of the rich and famous. What many don't know, however, are the strange customs and rules that the invited party attendees must adhere to. Many times, each individual invite states a time of arrival and time in which you must leave. This can be played off as a mere fire code or capacity issue, but it's a little weird that the more higher-up you are, the later and longer you can stay. Also, dinner is served near the beginning in order for the cooks, servers, and any other hired workers can finish early and leave. Then out come the copious amounts of cocaine, weed, and any other drug out there, especially ecstasy, or MDMA. Oh, and also a hand-picked collection of many "ladies of the night," from cheap street hookers to highly-paid escorts. I do not know for sure if these are events in which children are involved—maybe late night or they're reserved for those of politicians and the corporate elitists. 

     At places such as the Bilderberg Meeting, the Presidents Club charity, and the infamous Bohemian Grove, where the very exclusive elites of the world join in a two-week vacation full of debauchery, homosexuality, and "mock" rituals involving human sacrifice. These sacrifices are done in front of a giant statue of an owl. Why an owl? The owl represents the ancient pagan god, Molech or Moloch. But that is only a name or title for a king or deity. That king and deity was Nimrod of Mesopotamia, who died and was resurrected metaphorically. This same story and teachings are shared with thirty-nine other other historic figures, including that of Jesus of Nazareth, Siddhartha of India, Krishna of India, Mithra of Persia, Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, Hesus of the Druids, Pan and Dionysus of Ancient Greece, and Horus of Ancient Egypt. 

     One other thing shared by most of these figures born of a virgin and later resurrected, was that of human sacrifice. When the Sun disappeared behind the horizon, bringing darkness around, children were given up by parents, usually the first born, to the fire, or Sun god, or Son of God—Nimrod/Kronos/Baal/Saturn—in hope of its return. This isn't a religious piece, so you can figure out where this is going, and how that of Christianity was started. Hint: Nimrod was born December 25. 

     This worship of Saturn dates back to pre-recorded history, when Earth had orbited around the planet Saturn. It was a time where the sky was always a deep purple, when the lost cities of Atlantis and Lemuria flourished. But this "golden age" of darkness was reigned with Dark Lords practicing black magic and human sacrifice, which brought on the deluge, or Great Flood. This was a result of a cataclysmic event where Saturn was knocked back to where it is today, and letting there be the light of the Sun. However, there were survivors who infiltrated and influenced kings and royalties. 

     Saturn, or the Lord of the Rings (Tolkien was well aware of the occult history) became Satan; thus, these hidden blood rituals involving virgin women and children became known as Satanism. The occult symbols of Saturn can be seen literally everywhere today. EVERYWHERE. This Demiurge can be known followers of Christianity as Lucifer, Satan, the Anointed One, Jehovah, YHWH, etc. There is a great deal to add here but you get the picture. 

     These Dark Lords are responsible for creating the Saturnic/Satanic Bloodlines, like that of the Royal Family, who do still practice incest and human sacrifice. Princess Diana had the perfect bloodline to consume in order for the Royal Family to stay alive. (More on this later.)

     The rituals of human sacrifice are still practiced all over the world, especially by wealthy, corporate elitists, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefeller's, who helped fund both sides of both world wars. This is, along with sexual slave labor, the main reason for the rise in human trafficking and pedophilia. These evil elitists have created groups which claim pedophilia is a disorder that one is born with, similar to homosexuality. With the LGBT movement working to make homosexuality more acceptable and legal in the world, pedophilia gets closer and closer to becoming legalized. 

     I have nothing against homosexuality and believe it is their right as humans to live as they want, but the repercussions of their movement comes from hidden agendas, like everything else in the world. And this agenda is not of human origin. 

(To Be Continued…)


  • Mar 02, 2020

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