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We the people of kekestan believe it's in our best interest to become an official country, and a constitution is the first start of our independence. We have been recognizing by other countries for being gorilla fighters, but now that we are at peace, we can become a nation. 

Article 1 
The /b/ branch create the idea of laws; however there laws must be approved by another branch. The kek will be a member of /b/ branch, and will approve the law to be sent to the other branch. There will be 6 incels, incels vote which bill should be sent to the kek. There will be 9 NEETs who's only job is to write bills that are sent to incel. Each state will have there own /b/ branch, which are independent of each other. Each state has there own laws, but if 2 out of every 3 states approve of a law then every state will have this law, unless the state veto it, but until they successfully veto it, it is a law. 

Article 2 
The /d/ branch will make the bill approve, or veto the law, it's also there job to enforce the laws. When the kek turns in the bill, /d/ will debate the law, and will either approve it, or not approve it. There are 13 anons debating the law. The anons are elected by the people. Each start has there own /d/ branch. 

Article 3 
The /jus/ branch create punishment for breaking a laws. There are 5 judges, appointed by incel, and approved by the kek. Each state has there own /jus/ branch. A judge decides how much time each individual criminal will serve, but /jus/ chooses how what amounts of time they can choose between. 

Article 4 
The /pol/ branch answers argument between multiple states, with no judge being loyal to one state over the other. /pol/ can also impeach any kek, incel, NEET, anon, and even/pol/ members, but the people must confirm the removal. /pol/ members are elected by the people, and /pol/ members appoint all political positions, but the people have to confirm it to make it official. 

Article 5 
There are two political parties who have the power to make other parties official, the party for kek, and the party for [insert the state's name]. The party for kek is made up of every kek from every state. The party for [insert the state's name] is made up of one out of the six every incel, from every state, the rotate this position each time they make a distinction. The party for kek approves the party, and the party for [insert the state's name] confirms the party. The goal is to give kek all the political power, and he will speak though each kek, and the other party conforms kek approved the party. 

Article 6 
The party for kek, and the party for [insert state's name] can't be abolished, but every other party can. To start the abolishment / b/, /d/,/jus/ must all approve, its counted as an appropriate if 69% agrees. Once each party has agreed, then the people vote on whether to abolish or not.  

Article 7 
The austic is the representative for the nation, this person must once have been a member of /pol/, and hand picked by the party for kek, then the people choose which candidate should be the austic. The austic creates national laws on his own, but the must be approved by /pol/, and the party for kek. The austic is also the representative for kekestan. Each term is 10 years, and they can serve 1 term. 

Article 8 
National laws can be abolished if 2 out of 3 states request for the abolishment. The austic can, and should be impeached if he makes multiple bad national laws. Impeachment requires that /pol/ request impeachment, and then the each state must choose whether to impeach, or not. 

Article 9 
There are citizens, 2nd class citizens, and 3rd class citizens 
  1. People who are pro 4chan 
  2. People who are pro 4chan, but are tarts 
  3. People who are against, or don't care about 4chan, but are disabled 
Citizens have rights, and responsibility, 2nd class citizens have right, but less responsibility, 3rd class citizens have the same amount of rights, and responsibility as 2nd class citizens, the rest have the right, and responsibilities a jail gives. If you're a citizen, and there a war you are the first to be saved from the enemy, 2nd class citizens are saved at the same time, or just after, 3rd class citizens are left until they can be safely saved. 

Article 10 
The war against normies is the most important war, pro 4chan propaganda should be aired daily, and there should be a genocide against normies in our territory. The military spending must never go below 2.3% of the GDP.


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