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The return

after glenn the world had saved Alera. and the girl had freed. and when Glenn was back in his world. Glenn had told people about Alera. and about the dragon he was friends with. glenn told everything. but the people did not believe him. they thought that glenn had invented everything. even his friends did not believe him. but Glenn had an idea. He took a group of loyal friends with him. he knew from school. They were Kevin Thomas Matthew Thijs and Lorenzo and the girlfriend of Glenn Elise. Glenn took them to the place. where the portal stood. his friends looked at that thing in surprise. they didn't know what that was. they moved closer. and at a given moment. they were sucked into the portal.

In Alera

once they came out of the portal. they ended up in Alera. they did not know what to think of this place. she all panicked except glenn. because glenn was here before. the friends said. where are we. Glenn said they are in a different dimension. a world that you cannot compare with the real world. when the boys came to rest again, they continued their journey. they finally came to the village where glenn has been before. Glenn greet the residents of the village. Glenn and his friends were given a tour of the village.

The adventure begins

Glenn and the boys decided to play soccer. elise went to play with the animals. but at one point Thomas kicked the ball into the bushes. the boys went after the ball where they ended up in the forest. and they saw a cave. where all gold lay. they thought it would be dangerous in there. but they went anyway. in the meantime, elise had finished playing with the animals. and she no longer saw the boys. the group of boys went further and further into the cave. it was pitch dark. but luckily lorenzo had a flashlight on his phone. they came to a sort of door. where a man was trapped behind. they were getting closer. and the man told that the boys had to leave. because the man said that mr. damion uses this cave as a kind of prison. and that they had to leave as quickly as possible. because he can come in any moment. and suddenly they came face to face with mr. damion

Meeting mr.damion

Mrs. Damion is actually the same villain as in the other story. And he said. you are late. if you think you can beat me. because I have the ultimate power. and the boys ran outside. where they then encounter Elise. the boys ran to the village. and she told the villagers what they saw. the leader of the village said. that they had to do a search. to find a magic sword. and they all got their own dragon from the village leader to travel with. and that's how their adventure really started

Finding the magic sword

they went to search temples and ruins. but nowhere did they find the sword. until at some point they arrive at a temple. and that they see a sword. the boys stood around it. glenn stepped forward. and he draws the sword from the stone.

Using the sword

the boys went back to the village. the people saw that glenn had the sword with them and they said what you had in your hands. is the weapon that evil cannot stand. And suddenly the village chief came. And he said Glenn and his friends should go out. to protect the country against monsters. because outside the village there are also villages that are plagued by monsters. Glenn and his friends chase the monsters out of Alera once and for all.

Defeating mr.damion

the village chief orders glenn and his friends. to beat Mr. Damion. they went with their dragons to defeat Mr. Damion once and for all. the journey took a long time. but once arrived. the fight started. Mr. Damion was the first to attack. and after that came Glenn and his friends. the fights were so fierce. that Thomas and Elise were seriously injured. but they held out. and they defeated mr. damion. but when the fighting stopped. they saw that the two were badly injured. they brought the two wounded to the village. everyone was happy because everyone celebrated that mr. damion was defeated.

The end

the villagers took good care of the two that they have recovered. the people were very happy with glenn. so much so that glenn and his friends were allowed to live in the village ....... end of the story


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