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Glenn's awakening

the story starts in lienden. a village where a very special boy lives. with the name glenn

glenn is the son of a mother who works in healthcare. and his father works with metal.

glenn is also very curious.

but one day his life changed completely.

glenn walks to a forest. and sees a portal.

and so we end up in the world of Alera

Arrival at Alera

glenn didn't know where he was. he looked around and did not know where he was.

he walked and walked. and he came to a village.

he was allowed to stay there for a few days

and a few days later he walked to a lake. where a group of children played by the water.

and suddenly a dragon came flying at them. glenn and the others managed to get away. they ran to the village to tell people what had happened.

Glenn's revenge

Glenn vowed to take revenge. and decided to kill the dragon. he walked up the mountains but nowhere did he find the dragon.

but in the end he found the dragon. but the dragon did not attack him. glenn decided to become friends with the dragon. glenn called the dragon flawless. because he had no stains.

Glenn had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking the dragon to the village. but he also knew that people there hate dragons. but thought of taking the dragon with me. to free the kidnapped girl. then they will think differently.

Saving the girl

so glenn ask the people where the girl is. the people said she was locked up in a dark castle. but they also said it is dangerous. Because the evil dragon master is there too. because he locked her up.

glenn decided to go to the castle. once arrived. Glenn and Spotless came across the angry dragon tamer. and he said ... are you looking for the girl? come and get her!

after a few hours of fighting, glenn and the dragon defeated the evil dragon tamer. then the girl was released from prison. and they could go home again.

The end?

Glenn and the team arrived at the village. the girl thanked Glenn. and after that glenn was sent back to his real world

glenn's time is up in the world of Alera. his heroic deeds are never forgotten in Alera.


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