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Day after the Financial Issue

Ace left his room after getting dressed. Went to talk to Hazel.

Kenzie got out of bed. Grabbed clothes and went to the bathroom. She took a pregnancy test. She got dressed and waited another minute or two.

"Kenzie, come on its time to go!" Ace yelled.
"Alright, I'll be there in a second!" Kenzie yelled back.

She checked the test. A smile went across her face. She made the pregnancy test disappeared and left with the others. During the fight, Kenzie kept the smile on her face by thinking of Ace.

"It doesn't take that long to talk about financial issues!" Hazel bombed Kenzie.
"I know, we talked about it, that's it." Kenzie responded sharply, a little annoyed.

After Ace won, they went back to the hotel. Bought four more nights with the money they just got. They all went to Ace's room an hung there. Kenzie went to her room.

"I can't wait to tell him." Kenzie said out loud to herself pacing back and forth. She giggled and jumped around. She started singing and laughing.

"That means I can't directly join the fight!" Kenzie paused, "now I'm sad." She thought deep about it. She accepted it and moved on. She thought about how to tell Ace, then thought about Hazel, and her initial reaction.

"Who should I tell first!" Kenzie freaked out. "Dammit!"

Kenzie returned to the group. They laughed and made jokes and watched TV. A person knocked on the door, scared. Ace quickly took off. Followed by Hazel; Kenzie looked down and put her hand on her stomach. "My final up front fight," Kenzie thought following the other two.

Kenzie put a forcefield around Hazel and her to protect themselves from Ace's intense heat wave. She was amazed.


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