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Kenzie and Hazel arrived to the area. Ace was standing still, flames coming off him. The heat was to intense for them to get any closer than they are now. Ace's back was covered in burned marks. When he turned around they saw a tattoo on his chest. It was glowing, ref colors coming off it.

It dimmed down. The heat went down, Hazel and Kenzie went to hug him.
"Ace, are you okay..?" Hazel asked putting his head up against her chest.
"Ace..." Kenzie thought. Ace fell asleep. They took him to a hospital in another town miles from the old one. Ace was being treated, but his burned marks were permanent.

"I hope he's okay." Kenzie said softly.
"I thought you guys were childhood friends, you should know he'll pull through this." Hazel responded, annoyed.
"I knee him before he was a Demon. Before he was an Angel. Before he even knew his dad was part Demon!" Kenzie snapped.
"Hmph, he'll be-" Hazel stopped.

Ace was covered in bandage when he walked out. The girls teared up and hugged him.

"Don't ever do that again!" Cried Hazel.
"You had us worried sick about you!" Kenzie screamed crying into his shoulder.

Ace and the girls left the hospital. They went to the next town over. Ace stayed distant from the girls. They kept their distance from him too. The whole walk was awkward and quiet. No one spoke, except for the girls to one another. "He doesn't seem well," Hazel whispered to Kenzie. She nodded her head, agreeing with Hazel.

They stayed at a hotel. Two rooms. Girls in one and Ace by himself in another.

Kenzie knocked on Ace's door.
"Ace, can I speak with's about our financial issues.."
"Come in." Ace spoke in a deep tired voice. Kenzie entered, she closed the door behind her and notice Ace topless and looking out his window. She blushed, her chest tightened and her heart beat faster and faster.
"How much do we have left?" Ace asked turning around. Kenzie didn't say anything, "Kenzie." She looked up, shaking a bit, "150 coons after paying for the two rooms for two nights." Ace turned around, he closed the the curtains. Kenzie started to sweat, "Ace?"
"I'll go into town and get us more money in the morning."

The room fell quiet. Ace turned one lamp off on his side of the room. Kenzie turned the other lamp off on her side of the room. It was dark, but they still knew where each other were and they began walking towards each other. Slowly getting undressed and meeting in the bed. Ace and Kenzie kissed each other.

Morning came. Hazel woke up, noticing Kenzie wasn't in her bed. Ace woke up, coming to his sense, he noticed Kenzie on his right side. Naked. Kenzie woke up too, sitting up, covering up.

"Good morning Kenzie." Ace got out of bed, putting clothes on.
"Morning Ace..." Kenzie said softly, blushing.

They got dress and went out. While Ace was in a fighting tournament, Kenzie and Hazel talked.

"Where were you?" Hazel asked.
"I rather not talk about it." Kenzie answered.
"Why?" Hazel bombed her with questions, "doesn't take a whole night to tell Ace about our financial issues."
"I know, just don't worry about it." Kenzie answered. Hazel stared at Kenzie, looking closely at her body.

"Hmm," Hazel thought in her head.

Ace came back with 10,000 coons. They all went back to the hotel. While they were resting, someone panicking banged on their door. Ace answered, "Yes?"

"Soldiers! Demons!" Ace took off. Hazel and Kenzie followed behind him. Ace saw hundreds of soldiers came flooding into the city. Burning and murdering innocent people. Hazel and Kenzie saw Ace rushing in. A few moments after they watched Ace running in and being swallowed by the hoards of civilians and soldiers a bright red light pierced through. Lighting the sky. A loud roar erupted from the center of the chaos. Hazel and Kenzie stepped back. Kenzie covered her stomach. Hazel covered her ears.

"Demon Heart!" Roared Ace. The flooding soldiers stopped. The civilians kept running away, only a few stopped to see what was happening. Ace's whole right side turned into scales instantly, and then slowly spreading everywhere else. His eyes, black with red slit pupils. His teeth razor sharp. Horns protruding from his forehead. Wings popped out from his back. Ace was in full Demon.

"Ace..?" Hazel's legs shook then gave out.
"W-wow.." Kenzie was amazed. The intense heat was unbearable, Kenzie put a forcefiled around them.

Ace went berzerk. Going in, killing the Demon soldiers on his own. He took a majority of the bullets, but kept going with no setbacks. He killed them all, one by one. Every soldier fell, Ace covered in blood. The city and field was stained in blood. Ace was covered in blood.

Kenzie and Hazel, saw in fear and amazement. Mixed feelings filled up inside them.

The light from the tattoo dimmed down. His body slowly turned back to human. His wings and horns disappeared. His eyes went back to normal. After 20 minutes, the girls came down. They didn't say anything. They just walked up to Ace and hugged him. Wrapping their arms around each other.

Ace unlocked a new ability. No other human or demon unlocked for hundred to thousands of years.

Demon Heart.


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