Society, The Mother Of Fake Behaviour Read Count : 49

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With no fear to fall but hope to rise,
All their actions society revise.

One thing that stands so clear,
As in the sky stands pole star.
People always pretend to appear,
What they not actually are.

Their smiling lips, twinkling eyes,
Even spoken words disguise.

They say what they don't mean,
They mean what they never reveal.
Attractively they dress so neat and clean,
Cleverly their blurs and spots conceal.

Fairly they tell unfair lies,
Influence all gals and guys.

They show they are social, cast confidence,
Always take right steps and never err.
For them folks show their deep reverence,
Truly, society is the mother of fake behaviour.

Though null in size before paradise,
Fallacious society perfectly vies.



  • isnt this true

    Mar 16, 2020

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