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In my little head 
Comes out many thing
I knew nothing about 
Kept wandering 
If am still myself 
The pain I feel 
Hearing the voice 
Of who once hurt me
Can't be compared 
To my happiness with them
I just asked myself 
Why does it have to be she? 
If it were someone else 
Will I feel less pain
I accepted the truth 
But can't face the fact 
It can be anyone 
Let the pain ease gradually 
Let the wind blow it away
Those who hurt you
Might have forgotten 
And you?
Still nourishing the pain
Let it flow out,  like a river
Enjoy the beauty of the world 
No funs in this life
When no one cross your boundaries 
Wave the old things behind you 
When the wall clock tired of circling 
It batteries stop working 
Expand your horizons 
Healing starts from the mind
Watch the food you feed your soul
Land without fertilizer 
Kills a good seed
Never let ignorance ruled you 
Obey the call to knowledge.

~Adenafisat Presh 


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