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Once upon a time in a small town there was a girl called savannah and she was only 9 but yet she had a great imagination and was very bright for her age. Savannah loved to go to the park where  the autumn leaves were blowing and swishing around and kids were laughing and running around. she had a favourite spot in that park that was underneath a oak tree but it was a special oak tree to her she came to that tree every day with more effort then ever she had mad a ladder and managed to make a little den where she could go for some alone time and she had designed it as a little room as she has fairly lights and pictures of all her friends and books and some of her fabourite magazines anyway she lived to sit and read there and so she did almost everyday about anything u name it from fairies and princesses to demons and ailiens and one day she noticed her tree was blocked off so she thought it was strange until she asked and they said they were chopping it down for the environment and safety she was sad because of all the hard work she put into that tree but the next week she saw a baby tree growing and then sprung an idea like a lightbulb shunting bright she thought it could be her 
thinking tree soon she began writing her own stories based of other books but with a twist and then she did them on her own and now she is a famous writer all thanks to her imagination and her tree.


  • Jade Parry

    Jade Parry

    Hope u enjoy and tell me if u think I should do more stories

    Feb 02, 2020

  • Dashay Brewer

    Dashay Brewer

    i like your post

    Feb 02, 2020

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