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A smile on my face
Tears in my eyes
The monster Is growing stronger inside
Each time I fight it I lose
But if I don't it will control me
The weaker I get
The stronger she become
Telling me to give up
Telling me it's going to happen anyway
Telling me to stop denying the truth
Telling me I was never loved
Telling me I'm a toy
Maded to be played
Telling me revenge is the only way
I believe every word she said
Cause at that time 
I wish everyone that hurt me was dead
I wanted to hang their head's over my bed
I wanted to drink their blood 
And eat their flesh with bread
You think am a monster
 I always was
But it's your fault
Your the fume to her flame
Your whom to be blamed
When she start showering 
The world with her pain 
This is what you wanted right
Didn't you want to see me go insane
Now that I am
What do you gain


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