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Over 250,000 children are taken from their families due to being abused, a death in the family or the family can not care for the child due to no, to little money. When the children are taken from their families all they are allowed to take is there clothes, no devices,books, nothing. Just two pares of clothes, the one they are wearing and the one in their trash bag, yes a trash bag. 
Do the clothes get replaced? No, the clothes they have to stay with them throughout all of the homes, getting full of holes and tears, before being adopted(infants - 9 years old) or aging out of the system. Let's say you were taken from your family because your dad was abusive to you and your mom and your dad gets arrested finally, but he was the one who provided the family money and your mom is struggling to feed just you alone, and you get taken out with just two pares of clothes, and you were over 9. You have a rare chance of being adopted so that means you can’t keep friends, let alone always have something fun to do. Or let's say you are scared you will be hit again, you have nothing for comfort. With -no name yet you can suggest one if you want- box sites where anybody can put anything from clothes and money to toys and crafts, we can provide kids in the foster system with new clothes, support items, and stuff to do and read, and struggling single-parent families with money, and stuff for the child and the parent. We could reduce the number of kids in the foster system by at least 25% and help the children “survive “ that are in it that have no chance of adoption.


  • Feb 02, 2020

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