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A dark sheet wraps around my cold skin I can see a moving figure but it’s completely silent I start running in a direction where I can hear footsteps running after me I feel hot tears running down my face I’ve never felt like I did before I couldnt see where I was going but those foot steps kept on getting louder and louder I couldn’t put run the figure so I just sat there and cried I felt like I was about to die those foot steps slowly got louder and stopped I could sense someone right in front of me I kept on crying not even giving the time to look up I was so scared that I couldn’t stop crying I tried to stop and be quiet so the figure couldn’t hear me but it I kept on getting louder and louder. It was right in front of me. I finally got the courage to look up I saw these dark blue eyes it was staring right at me. I started to cry again but then something I never thought would happen it put his hand on my shoulder and sat down and cried with me it was as scared as I was I looked up and it had it’s head looking down. It said I know it’s hard but I can’t do it alone and you can’t either he looked up with is eyes and said I’m here nd I understand what your going through I looked away and said no one understand what I’m going through no even the darkest figure. He looked at me his dark eyes fading away I looked down and started crying again and the figure faded away but it’s last words were you don’t have to do it alone......


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